With more than 30 liters volume and a separate wet clothes compartment, the loud rock Surfer backpack Jack Wolfskin downright for Alpine crossing and multi-day tours with mountaineering backpack recommended by Allsetbackpacks.

He scores mainly through clever details like the oversized zipper handles, a covert drinking tube line or various pockets at hip wings and shoulder strap. Through broad support and flexible support surfaces it sits fully loaded yet comfortable at the back. The extra wide Velcro waist strap keeps the pack in the descent safely in position. However, the ventilation suffer somewhat due to the stable carrying system. The front pocket opens wide and assorted small parts in various bag, majoring in place the snack or evening wear space. Who can do without the waist straps, they stowed easily in the suspension system. The sophisticated equipment complete helmet flap and rain cover.


Jack Wolfskin Rock Surfer 18.5 Backpack

Jack Wolfskin Rock Surfer 18.5 Backpack

Source: surfdome.com

Backpack Single Review: Jack Wolfskin Rock Surfer
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