Barrow, Alaska Population, Schools and Places of Interest

By | April 19, 2023

Barrow, Alaska is the northernmost city in the United States and is surrounded by several other cities and towns that provide a variety of attractions for visitors. The bordering cities and towns of Barrow are Utqiaġvik, Kaktovik, Nuiqsut, Wainwright, and Point Hope.

Utqiaġvik is located just to the east of Barrow and is the largest city in North Slope Borough. The city has a rich cultural heritage which can be explored at various museums like Iñupiat Heritage Center or through outdoor activities such as whale watching or hiking. Utqiaġvik also has an array of restaurants where visitors can sample traditional Iñupiat delicacies like muktuk (whale blubber) or akutaq (Eskimo ice cream).

Kaktovik is another city located just to the east of Barrow that offers visitors a chance to experience Iñupiat culture firsthand. Here visitors can take part in cultural tours that include fishing trips with local subsistence fishermen or whale watching expeditions during certain times of year. There are also a variety of outdoor activities such as kayaking, biking and bird-watching available around town.

Nuiqsut is located to the west of Barrow near Prudhoe Bay on the Colville River Delta and offers a wide range of activities for visitors including fishing trips with local guides, canoeing on Lake Teshekpuk and hiking trails through nearby tundra terrain. Nuiqsut also has several restaurants featuring traditional Native dishes made with local ingredients like caribou meat or wild berries.

Wainwright lies just south of Barrow on Alaska’s North Slope coast and is known for its abundance of wildlife including polar bear sightings during certain times of year as well as its nearby oil fields which offer guided tours for those interested in learning more about this industry’s impact on Alaska’s economy.

Finally, Point Hope lies further south along Alaska’s Arctic coast where visitors can explore ancient archaeological sites dating back thousands of years as well as experience traditional Iñupiat culture at museums like Tupik Historical Museum or through hands-on experiences like kayaking trips with local guides.

The bordering cities and towns around Barrow offer something for everyone from cultural exploration to outdoor recreation making it an ideal destination for travelers looking to explore this remote corner of Alaska’s Arctic coast.

Population of Barrow, Alaska

Barrow, Alaska is the northernmost city in the United States and has a population of about 4,500 people. The majority of the population is Iñupiat (93%), with less than 7% of the population being made up of other ethnicities. The town of Barrow is spread out over an area of 35 square miles and is situated on Alaska’s Arctic coast.

The Iñupiat are a native Alaskan people who have lived in this region for thousands of years and continue to practice their traditional way of life. They are a close-knit community who rely heavily on subsistence activities such as hunting, fishing, and gathering for their livelihoods. In addition to these activities, many Iñupiat also work in oil and gas industry jobs or service-based jobs related to tourism.

The Iñupiat language is spoken by most residents in Barrow and English is taught in schools from an early age so that residents can communicate with each other as well as visitors from outside the region. The local government recognizes English and Iñupiaq as official languages and provides translations services for all local documents including legal documents, public notices, forms, etc.

The climate in Barrow can be quite extreme with temperatures ranging from -40°F during the winter months to 65°F during the summer months. Additionally, due to its location near the Arctic Ocean there are days during certain times of year where it never gets dark making it one of few places on earth where this phenomenon occurs regularly.

Overall, Barrow is an interesting place to visit with a unique culture that has been passed down through generations since time immemorial. Visitors have plenty to explore both indoors at various museums like Iñupiat Heritage Center or outdoors through activities like whale watching or hiking around town or nearby tundra terrain.

Schools and Education in Barrow, Alaska

Barrow, Alaska is home to two public schools and a private school. The two public schools, Barrow High School and Samuel Simmonds Memorial School, serve students from pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade. Both schools have a strong focus on academics as well as extracurricular activities such as sports, music, and art. Check topschoolsintheusa for high school codes in Alaska.

The Barrow High School is the largest school in Barrow and serves the most students in grades 9-12. It offers many courses in the core subjects of math, science, English, social studies, and foreign language as well as electives such as art and music. In addition to these courses, students can also participate in extracurricular activities such as sports teams or clubs like drama or photography. The school also has a strong counseling department that helps support students with their academic goals as well as any personal issues they may be facing.

The Samuel Simmonds Memorial School serves Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade students and focuses on providing quality education while also fostering Iñupiaq culture and language among its student body. The school has a number of programs that are designed to help students learn about their culture such as traditional storytelling sessions or trips to local archaeological sites.

In addition to these two schools there is also an accredited private school called Iḷisaġvik College which provides higher education opportunities for area residents. This college offers associate degrees in various disciplines including business administration, health sciences, computer science, education studies and more.

Overall, there are plenty of educational opportunities available for residents of Barrow Alaska ranging from elementary level schooling all the way up to post secondary education at Iḷisaġvik College. All of these institutions strive to provide quality education while also fostering appreciation for Iñupiaq culture within their student bodies so that they can become successful members of their community in the future.

Barrow, Alaska

Places of Interest in Barrow, Alaska

Barrow, Alaska is a small coastal town located on the northernmost tip of the United States. It is known for being one of the few places in the world where you can experience 24-hour darkness during winter and 24-hour daylight during summer. This unique feature has made it an attractive destination for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and curious travelers alike.

One of Barrow’s main attractions is the stunning view of the Arctic Ocean. From here, visitors can watch the sun set over the horizon and take in views of never-ending ice floes stretching out into infinity. It is also possible to spot some of Barrow’s native wildlife such as polar bears, walruses, seals, and whales. For those who want to explore further afield, there are several guided tours available that take visitors to nearby archaeological sites and areas rich with Inupiat culture.

The Iḷisaġvik College is another major attraction in Barrow. This college was founded in 1977 to provide higher education opportunities for local residents and now offers associate degrees in various disciplines including business administration, health sciences, computer science, education studies among others. The college campus also hosts a number of cultural events throughout the year such as traditional storytelling sessions or trips to local archaeological sites which provide insight into Inupiat culture and traditions.

The town itself offers plenty for visitors to explore including museums dedicated to preserving Inupiat culture as well as several parks like Utqiagvik Beach Park which offer great views of the Arctic Ocean along with recreational activities such as beach volleyball or kayaking on its calm waters. There are also plenty of shops selling authentic Alaskan souvenirs ranging from locally made art pieces to traditional clothing items like Mukluks or parkas so that visitors can bring some memories back home with them!

In conclusion, Barrow Alaska is a unique destination that offers something special for everyone who visits! With its stunning views of the Arctic Ocean alongside fascinating cultural sites and events it provides plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure!