Beach Holidays in North China

By | July 19, 2022


In Northern China, you can find an opportunity for a beach holiday. The swimming season in the resorts of Northern China lasts from June to September. Qingdao resort is located in Shandong province. Developed infrastructure, unique architecture, beautiful beaches, clear sea and favorable climate attract a large number of tourists in Qingdao in summer and autumn. The forested slopes of the mountains descend to the very shore, creating amazingly beautiful landscapes. A green boulevard 1.5 km long runs along the seashore. The beaches are covered with sand, 6 of them are equipped right in the city. Qinhuangdao Resort (Qinghuangdao), located in Hebei Province on the shores of Bohai Bay, is the oldest resort in the country. The main beach holiday areas in Qinhuangdao are Beidaihe, Nandaihe and Changli Gold Coast.

Among them, Beidakh is the most popular among Russian tourists. It is good to relax here with the family, with children, as it is not very hot here, the water is warm, there are no jellyfish and a huge number of all kinds of objects to visit. Both children and adults will be interested in visiting the Sand Amusement Park, where you can go sand skiing from the dunes or just wander along them; safari park with its numerous inhabitants; wonderful park “Sea World”, dolphinarium, water park.

According to Findjobdescriptions, there are three beaches on the coast of Beidaihe. The beach for foreigners is located on the west side, opposite the complex called “International Club”, equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. “Middle Beach” is popular among high-ranking officials. “East Beach” is located half a kilometer from Beidaihe towards Qinhuangdao. The Chinese love to spend their holidays here, combining it with sanatorium treatment. The area also offers opportunities for ecotourism – 70% of the coast is covered with forest, where you can observe a huge number of bird species. During the summer, Beidaihe hosts the Great Wall Cultural Festival, the Sea Carnival, and the Sea Bird Festival.

You can enjoy all the delights of a beach holiday in the resort of Dalian in Liaoning province,. The sea coast in this area is winding and has a length of 989 km. There are both sandy and pebble beaches. Xinghaiwan Beach can accommodate up to thirty thousand people at the same time. Most of the city’s water sports competitions are held here.

In the west of Dalian, Xinghai Park is located, which became a resort in 1909 and gained worldwide fame. The park has a very long history (about one thousand years). It was rebuilt several times, and today it is an attractive place for excursions, entertainment and just active recreation. In the park you can see an amusement park, a sea beach, a swimming pool, fountains, various recreation areas, as well as the largest in China marine oceanarium with an underwater tunnel 118 m long, where more than 10,000 fish of various genera live. The most beautiful parks and beaches are concentrated in the southwestern part of the city.

5 km south of Dalian is Banchui Island with a gorgeous long white sand beach. The resorts also offer wellness programs.

In Northern China, recreation on the lakes is also represented. In the Sunjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, in the counties of Hesho and Bohu, there is Lake Bagrash-kel. It is known for its sandbanks, which are not inferior to high-class beaches. A beautiful beach is located on the Golden Shoal within Hesho County.


In Northern China, most of whose territory (except the east) is occupied by a belt of highlands and depressions, there are excellent opportunities for trekking.

In Qinghai province, the trekking route is laid on Mount Animaqin. Its height is 6282 m, during the whole year its peaks are covered with snow. 5 peaks exceed 5900 m. There is a special walking route on the mountain. The Chengbai mountain range runs through the provinces of Jilin and Liaoning. Most of the peaks in this area exceed 2000m, and the highest point, Chengbai Volcano, rises to 2744m. The area is covered with dense mixed forests, which is a protected area. Extensive trekking opportunities are presented in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. On its territory there are powerful mountain ranges of Tien Shan, Kunlun, Kara-Kunlun and Pamir. Today, the following routes are open for lovers of mountain climbing: to the peaks of Muztag, Gungor and Jiubefeng Peak. These three peaks are located in the western part of the Kunlun within the Pamir plateau. They are easy to reach from the cities of Kashgar, Tashkurgan and the Khunjirap border checkpoint on the Sino-Pakistani border. The convenience of communication attracts many climbers every year – professionals and amateurs.

Muztag peak, on the slopes of which powerful glaciers lie, is called the “father of glaciers”. At an altitude of 4300-4700 m, camps are set up on the slopes of these three peaks, above which non-professionals are not recommended to climb, so after resting in the camp, they set off on their way back. Only professional climbers are allowed to storm the mountain peaks.

Other mountaineering areas are Bogta Peak, the highest point of the Eastern Tien Shan (5445 m), and Tomur Peak (7435 m). Bogta Peak is located 160 km from Urumqi. On its slopes, one can observe natural zones clearly delimited in height: from high-mountain snows and alpine meadows to forest belts and steppes at the foot. Along the way, you can admire powerful spurs, mountain streams in gorges, a motley carpet of flowering herbs, dense taiga forests. The camp, to which the climbing route lies, is located at an altitude of 3800 m. The peak of Tomur is located near the Chinese-Kazakh border. For the abundance of rivers and taiga forests, the surroundings of Tomur Peak are called a “natural zoo”, where flora and fauna are richly represented. Fans are offered climbing the peak of Tomur to the camp, set up at an altitude of 3900 meters.

Beach Holidays in North China