Beer Luff in Cuba, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica

By | September 18, 2021

Join a beer luff in the Caribbean and experience charming Cuba featured by itypeusa, the delicious Cayman Islands and colorful Jamaica. A pleasant trip with lots of culture, delicious beaches and beautiful nature.

Experience the Caribbean’s most charming city, Havana, the beautiful mountains of Vinales and the pleasant city of Trinidad before enjoying a few days on the picturesque Cayman Islands. The tour takes you on to the tunes of Jamaica’s reggae rhythms, stunning scenery with mountains, waterfalls and bounty beaches.

Day 1: Departure from Sweden

Departure from Sweden to Cuba, where you arrive the same day. You will be picked up at the airport and driven to your accommodation in Havana.

Day 2: Havana, half day tour

Morning tour of Havana’s old town. Meeting place Hotel Plaza. You have the day at your disposal to explore charming Havana on your own. The whole city is teeming with life, something you will notice during a walk along the beautiful streets with remnants and atmosphere of the Spanish colonial era.

Day 3: Havana on your own

Enjoy a cup of coffee or a drink at one of the island’s many cafés, experience the architecture of the restored old town or the more dilapidated areas, and perhaps take a salsa turn? Stroll along the Malecón, visit La Floridita – Ernest Hemingway’s ancient site – or learn more about Cuba’s history at the Museum of the Revolution.

Day 4: Transfer to Vinales

A transfer has been arranged for you from Havana to Viñales, located in western Cuba, in the province of Piñar del Rio. The valley is known for its beautiful limestone mountains and large tobacco plantations. The trip there takes about three to four hours.

Day 5: Viñales on your own

Vinales is located in the middle of a valley and is surrounded by perhaps the most beautiful nature you can find in Cuba. Surrounded by limestone mountains, you have the opportunity to take a ride through the valley on horseback, where you get to see the famous and lush tobacco plantations that are still managed in the old-fashioned and traditional way.

Day 6: Transfer to Trinidad

You should not miss a visit to Trinidad when visiting Cuba. This beautiful, romantic city is a must on all trips here, and this trip is of course no exception. After breakfast you will be picked up and driven the six to seven hours it takes to get from Viñales to Trinidad. The rest of the day you spend on your own in Trinidad.

Day 7 – 8 Trinidad on your own:

Over the next few days he you experience Trinidad on your own. Experience the city’s charming center or head out to Playa Ancon, which is a short drive from the city.

Day 9: Back to Havana

Today you have a transfer back to Havana. Sit back and enjoy the view.

Day 10: By flight to the Cayman Islands

You will be picked up at your Casa Particular and driven to Havana. From here you fly on to the beautiful Cayan Islands.

Day 11: Cayman Islands on your own

You can experience perhaps the Caribbean’s best snorkeling and diving or take a walk along the 70 km long beach. There is a large selection of restaurants here and we highly recommend a meal or two here.

Day 12: By flight to Jamaica

Today you fly to reggae’s homeland Jamaica. You arrive in Montego Bay, pick up your car and drive to your first place to stay in Oracabessa, where you live in the Danish-owned place Real-Jamaica. The hosts make sure to give you comprehensive information about Jamaica and the key to its authentic experiences. ( F )

Day 13-14: Ocho Rios

Visit Nine Miles, the village where reggae icon Bob Marley was born. Unleash your inner rest while your guide shows you Bob’s birthplace and the place where he sought inspiration and spiritual guidance. You can also visit Bob Marley’s mausoleum, where he is buried with his guitar. Another great place to stop is Ocho Rios. Drive here via Fern Gull, a beautiful, winding road through the rainforest. In Ocho Rios you can see local arts and crafts and eat some local snacks before climbing up to one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful waterfalls, Dunn’s River Falls. Enjoy a dip at James Bond Beach and visit Sun Valley Plantation, where you can get freshly squeezed juice while watching the beautiful hummingbirds play in the garden. ( F )

Day 15: Drive to the Blue Mountains yourself

Follow the winding road from Buff Bay and up to the impressive Blue Mountains, which are known for their coffee, among other things. Take a walk in the area, enjoy a cup of the area’s coffee and remember the camera for everything in the world, as the area offers an incredible number of photo stops. Remember to take the road past Holywell National Park, a tropical cloud rain forest that provides the opportunity to enjoy the area’s bird life. The park is protected by UNESCO. ( F )

Day 16: Blue Mountains on your own

We can recommend a visit to the Craighton coffee farm, or you can make a day trip to Kingston. Take a walk through Kingston’s National Hero Park, take a selfie with Bob Marley and visit his museum. You can enjoy city views from Jamaica’s Beverly Hills and visit the beautiful area around Devon House – a billionaire’s former home, where you can try a refreshing ice cream. ( F )

Day 17: Drive to Treasure Beach by yourself

The tour continues along the beautiful southern coastal road to Treasure Beach, where you will stay two nights. ( F )

Day 18-19: Treasure Beach

Experience the beauty of the south coast: You can, for example, visit YS-falls, one of the finest places in Jamaica’s nature where you can swim, swing in vines and relax. In the area you can also go on safari in the protected wetlands by the Black River, see the island’s crocodiles and maybe eagles. Visit Pelikan Bar which is built of driftwood on a sandy island out in the sea – the world’s nicest bar. ( F )

Day 20: Drive to Montego Bay

Today, your car will be returned at the airport, and your journey home begins after three weeks of experiences in the Caribbean.

Day 21: Arrival in Sweden

Overnight stays

Four nights at Casa Particular in Havana
Two nights at Casa Particular in Vinales
Three nights at Casa Particular in Trinidad
Two nights at 3-star hotel in the Cayman Islands
Three nights in bungalow at Oracabessa
Two nights at hotel in Blue Mountains
Three nights at resort at Treasure Beach

Casa Particular is a form of accommodation where you live locally with a Cuban family in a private room with a private toilet. This is a great way to get an insight into the Cubans’ way of life and experience their enormous hospitality.

Beer Luff in Cuba, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica