Bracelet Misfit Shine (Speedo Version): Analysis, Testing and Opinion

We have had the opportunity to try Misfit Shine, particular activity bracelet model Misfit Shine “Swimmer” Edition “, carried out in collaboration with the brand specialist in swimming Speedo. A bracelet of activity which has as its main novelty compared to the model “Shine”, and the rest of monitors market activity, the accurate record of our session of swimming pool thanks to the algorithm of calculation provided by Speedo. The three-axis accelerometer integrated in a package no bigger than a coin 2 euro, as well as monitor our daily activity and sleep quality, accurately records the number of lengths of the pool. Once synchronized the data recorded by the mobile application via bluetooth bracelet can consult the number of long, swim away, while we have been swimming and calories we burned during this activity.

The company Misfit Wearables, based in California, bet on a type of activity without data display monitors, with a simple and lightweight design that can lead as with a bracelet of silicone as hooked to the garment using a magnetic clip or even hosted on a necklace. As sometimes commented on twitter, the bet follow without offering a screen of data is risky, since today, bracelets of activity should be something more than simple step count or sleep log to not end up forgotten in a drawer after few months of use. The Shine of Speedo version offers no doubt that “plus”, a lightweight device that have long in a simple way, while basic Shine model, at first seen only has a design less “plastic” to compete against similar bracelets as the Jawbone Up Move.

We will use this analysis to describe the functions and features in common with the Shine basic version (almost all) and also point that news brings the new Shine 2, released to the market while we tasted the precision of the long count provided by Speedo.

A first look at the Misfit Shine.

The first thing we jump at the sight of this monitor is its lack of screen. Twelve leds positioned around one of the faces of anodized aluminum will provide us the following information: time, Timer active and progress level of daily activity. The rest of information, hours of sleep, daily steps, calories burned (and distance swim in the version for swimmers) will have to view these mobile application (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone).

Misfit Shine Speedo bracelet comes in a box format book where you will find:

  • Two bracelets, white and black, one size fits all and closure of type “pin” to pressure. The basic model only brings the black bracelet.
  • Monitor version “Swimmer’s” Silver Shine and logo of Speedo engraved on the back, being its only physical difference with respect to the original Shine, than if it is available in more colors.
  • Metal tool to open the monitor where we will place a battery type button (CR 2032), also included, which provides a autonomy of up to 6 months.
  • Magnetic clip to carry the Misfit Shine hooked to any part of the clothing. ( Purchased separately can be if we lose).
  • “Action clip”: an accessory to ensure the monitor Shine when we have been inserted in the wrist. It engages in the back of bracelet and being more rigid which own bracelet preclude dropping the monitor. Only we will find this accessory with the version for swimmers and the new Shine 2, being a considerable improvement since the generic model runs the risk of leaving his bracelet unwittingly making a sudden movement.

To be used as wrist or clipped to clothing, reminds us of the Jawbone UP Move, although the latter monitor is “plastic”. The design also has some similarity to the Xiaomi my band, which also features a metal housing and leds which inform us of the progress in relation to the daily target of activity.

Shine monitor is inserted in the center of the silicone strap with cleavage that has around its perimeter. In the Edition for swimmers bracelet has also two small slits to attach at the rear attachment of safety that we have mentioned before.

Specifications and main functions of monitor Misfit Shine.

The Shine monitor records the steps, distance and calories consumed thanks to its three-axis accelerometer, so if we took him on the wrist as if you are engaged in the clothing. In the mobile application, you can tell where it will be placed for a more precise data record.

Unlike bracelets of activity of Garmin, Polar or Fitbit, which can be used interchangeably with a PC or a mobile application, only we can connect Shine bracelet via bluetooth mobile application Misfit.

Then I leave some comments on the technical specifications and its main functions:

  • Water resistance: submersible up to 50 meters. It can be used for swimming or diving without problems, both the basic Shine model and the specific model for swimmers.
  • Dimensions and weight: 27.5 x 3.3 x 27.5 mm, 9.4 g monitor weight and less than 20 grams including the bracelet.
  • Mobile connectivity: compatible with mobile or tablets that have bluetooth 4.0 and operating systems Android 4.3 or higher, iOS 7 or higher and Windows Phone 8.1 w.
  • Display type: monitor shine does not have display as such, but of 12 indicators leds embedded in the aluminum housing. These leds are used both to indicate the degree of fulfillment of our objective, the clock mode or if we are in stopwatch mode.
  • Watch: monitor Shine can be used as a clock, this is marked on the back a number “12” that will help us to orient it correctly inserted in the cuff. The twelve leds of the Shine will be used to simulate a minimalist, analog clock where four lower brightness leds marked quarters, a brighter led time and other flashing the minutes. Although it is not the most intuitive clock that we can have, after seeing the hour a few times it is not difficult to get used to.
  • Stopwatchfunction: the misfit Shine has a chronometer that is activated by giving three blasts followed in the front, activating all the leds and leaving the bottom led flashing as notice that this feature is enabled.
  • Synchronization not automatic: to download the data recorded by the bracelet will have to open the application and drag the pie chart of activity towards the left.
  • Automatic detection of sleep: it is not necessary to take any action to enter sleep mode and that detect the hours of sleep and the quality of our sleep.
  • Sensors: not available sensors to measure the heart rate or to connect an external monitor.
  • Alerts and notifications: you don’t have sound alerts or vibration, being its only via leds to display the information that records.

Misfit Shine as a bracelet of daily activity.

The first thing we need to do to start using the monitor Shine, once we have placed the battery button, we have downloaded the mobile app (Android and iOS and Android) Misfit and registered with an email or FB, is to click the icon “+” from the “devices” menu of the app and leave the monitor on the screen for that mobile and monitor are linked automatically.

To interact with the Misfit Shine activity monitor just touching the housing of the monitor twice with two fingers, showing our progress of activity and time of day (you can change the order in which are displayed from the mobile app). With three blasts will start (and finish) the stopwatch mode, recording the type of activity which we have defined as the default in the menu of the mobile device configuration: cycling, swimming, soccer, etc.

In the mobile application, just below the graph of activity of that day (as measured in “points”) we will see data from the distance traveled, calories burnt and the steps we have taken. To view previous days only activity data we will have to move the initial chart to the right.

If you press in the center of the circle or the graphic icon we will see hourly graph of activity. Pressing the top form of calendar icon you will see activity charts for weeks and months.

On the initial screen, if we move down we will see the milestones of that day, if we have reached or doubled the goal of steps proposed and the intensity of the activities we have done during the day. When we overcome our objective activity daily, to put two touches on the bracelet, leds will light up giving a full turn before marking the new level of activity to tell us so we have already exceeded it once.

In terms of the accuracy of the distance traveled, in the different tests running, data have not been very accurate, in 10 km races registry used to have a 10% error, can not configure any parameter to improve this measurement as if it occurs with the models ‘live’ Garmin. In return, that can be placed in the shoe or pants using the clip, it makes data obtained in activities of cycling or spinning more “real” than the rest of bracelets of activity.

The monitor Shine also records activities automatically without having to start the stopwatch. The activities of certain duration that you make throughout the day: walk, run, or any other sport that we do will be tagged automatically as mild, moderate, or vigorous activity. Once registered you can edit them, change their duration and assign the type of sport performed.

In the same way as with the record of daily activity in the mobile app, press the Moon icon we will see data on the amount (total sleep time) and quality of our sleep (hours of light, deep sleep and awake time), as well as graphics detailed hour-by-hour if you press in the center of the circle or the weekly and monthly if you press on the top form of calendar icon.

Next to the registration of our dream, the Misfit application, which does not own bracelet, offers two options to improve the quality of the same: establish a soothing sound that you can set to play while we sleep and a warning to wake us up at a specific time. This alarm is not “smart alarm”, i.e., does not consider our dream for the perfect moment to wake us up.

Misfit Shine “Swimmer” edition “by Speedo

As we have said previously the “Swimmer completo Edition” version of the bracelet Shine introduces an algorithm for counting laps in pool (*) developed by Speedo. Before you start swimming will have to check in the mobile application that we have defined as labelling of activity “swimming”, enter the size of the pool and activate the automatic counting of turns.

(*) It is not a device for recording distances in open water.

To start the session and end it only have to activate the timer by means of the “triple tap”. The first day I made at the same meeting two sets of 500 m in a 50 metre pool, where I changed styles and also made several breaks between intervals within each series. The result after synchronizing the data was accurate: 1000 meters in 20 turns (and 268 calories). The second test I made was even more “incredible”, during a session of swimming with changes of style, technique exercises only until half of pool and completing the rest of the pool front crawl to length, bracelet returned to measure accurately the 800 meters I made. In another test I did 100 meters of heating and 1300 m followed, returning to do a count exact, and it is in the rest of tests with this bracelet.

I tried swimming as the Garmin Swim specific watches or clocks MultiSport as Fenix 3 or vivoactive, and with all of them always tend to have some error that adds a “non-existent” long when I’m not turning correctly, hit with the hand of the clock the eighth note, especially swimming back, or stop to half length. In the range 8 of this activity with a triathlon watch you can see as a long is divided in two by any of the above reasons. However, with this bracelet I was more than surprised with the reliability of the algorithm of Speedo. Perhaps not offer countless metrics of swimming, just turns and distance, but work with an staggering, accuracy regardless of style or between long pauses.

In comparison with the rest of specific watches for swimming, the only noteworthy gaps would be:

  • Only registered long distance and time swum, does swimming metrics such as the number of strokes per length, the duration of each long or swim and rest time.
  • Although there are graphics which display the evolution of daily activity (and sleep), is miss a specific summary of the activities of swimming.
  • We cannot see the pitches that we took while we swam. This single piece of information is displayed in the mobile application one time sync activity.

In summary, model for swimmers of the Misfit Shine is pretty simple in terms of the data provided, but by lightness and accuracy far exceeds the majority of specific watches for swimming on the market.

New version Misfit Shine 2.

At the same time carried out tests to this activity for swimmers, Misfit bracelet presented a new version of the original model, the bracelet Shine 2, with the same design and size, but with some news regarding the original model:

  • Notice of mobile, notifications even though they may not be read.
  • Multicolor Leds improve usability as a watch and help customize mobile notifications.
  • Notices by vibration, that allow to add functions of silent alarm and downtime alerts.
  • Smart button by touch gestures with which you can control music or take a picture with your mobile phone via the Misfit Link.
  • Enter serial interlock “clip action” that came with the shine version for swimmers.

Vibration alerts and device “anti-falls” represent a great improvement over the Shine Original, even if it entails an increase in the price, $99 (plus postage). The Misfit Shine 2 is available in two colors: pink and black, gold

Prices of Misfit Shine bracelet and the Speedo version swimmers:

The basic model of the Misfit Shine bracelet can be found at amazon from €63 depending on the chosen color. The model for swimmers Misfit Swimmer completo Edition has one slightly higher price, €79 (now €59) and in Spain can be found through amazon or the European Speedo website. You can find the new Misfit Shine 2 £ 90 at amazon.

(*) Buying through links from the various stores online you’ll be helping create content such as that you are reading. For every sale, the store gives us a small Commission that allows to cover costs and part of the time spent to generate these reviews.

Advantages, aspects to improve, overview and some opinions.

Then we leave you a summary of the strengths and shortcomings of the bracelet Misfit Shine, including a final specific point for the model in collaboration with Speedo:

Its advantages and strong points are:

  • Replaceable battery with a duration of up to 6 months.
  • Light, submersible and with a meticulous aesthetic, advantages that invite that should it continuously.
  • More accurate measurement in activities where not move arms (cycling) to carry it with the clip attached to clothing or shoe.
  • Dream of automatic detection.
  • Function clock, timer and automatic detection of activities.
  • The version made in collaboration with Speedomeasures made lengths form precise, even better than many specific watches swimming. The attachment of security that is placed on the back works perfectly, there being no possibility of losing the bracelet while we swam.

Aspects to improve and weak points:

  • Price, €79, something above other bracelets activity no display how the Jawbone UP Move or My Band Xiaomi.
  • Does not have listings for vibration alert periods of inactivity or serve as a silent alarm.
  • Although it shows the time, it is not a very intuitive watch.
  • Not registers floors or stairs rises as if happens in the Fitbit Charge or the new vivosmart HR of Garmin models.
  • Shine monitor can leave your wrist without realizing not having safety device if that brings the version for swimmers or Shine 2.
  • Version Speedo, though perfectly the long swimming pool, not shows on bracelet. 12 leds could be used for this function, but I have not clear if the algorithm is in own bracelet or applies to synchronize data with mobile. Likewise, the mobile application lacks a specific section to see swimming activities or the evolution of the meters swum over time.

In summary, a bracelet of activity with a design quite achieved that we can take not only in how subject to clothes doll, which allows to record more accurately “” activities not involving movement of arms (cycling or spinning). The mobile application is quite correct and the mode timer allows us to go one step further in the activity log, but the big news is the collaboration with Speedo, making of the Edition “Swimmer” a useful and fairly simple gadget for regular swimmers. This partnership shows which is the way to go by this type of gadgets, that may no longer be in the measuring of distance and calories, high competition forces to offer other features to the users. The version Shine Speedo would recommend it without problems, actually I was surprised its ‘accuracy’ in the long count, while the normal version would recommend it to those who are first attracted by its lightweight, minimalist design but always taking into account the interaction with it is limited to function stopwatch and clock.

I hope that both analysis of the bracelet for swimmers Misfit Shine Speedo how the advance of the characteristics of the new Shine 2 you has been useful, as always, have the comments box for any question or suggestion and our Twitter account @GadgetsCorredor to be informed of all the news related to sports and technology.


A bracelet of activity light, simple and with a design that allows it both wrist and attached to the garment. The version for swimmers (Swimmer completo edition) is the first monitor market activity which records accurately the long pool. Its design and battery are two of its advantages, by against alerts Miss by vibration model Shine 2 brings already.