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All About Thailand Country

Brief information It is not for nothing that Thailand is called the “Land of Smiles”, because very polite and hospitable people who love to smile live there. Probably, the habit of smiling among Thais is developed from an early age under the influence of Buddhism. This is not surprising given that there are over 18,000… Read More »

All About Tajikistan Country

Brief information Of course, Tajikistan is not such a major center of tourism as, for example, Turkey. However, this does not mean that Tajikistan has nothing to surprise foreigners with. Tourists are attracted to this country by high mountains (Pamir, Tien Shan), beautiful nature, medieval cities, sights, as well as ancient traditions and customs that… Read More »

All About Yemen Country

Brief information It so happened historically that people on the territory of modern Yemen lived 4 thousand years ago. Over these many years, several civilizations and cultures have formed and declined in the country (once upon a time, Yemen was even a completely Christian state). Therefore, from a historical point of view, Yemen is one… Read More »

All About Vietnam Country

Brief information In recent years, the Vietnamese government has made efforts to ensure that in the minds of foreigners this country is not associated with the wars of the 20th century. The Vietnamese authorities strive to show everyone the culture of their country and its amazing nature. The Vietnamese are very friendly people. This country… Read More »

All About Uzbekistan Country

Brief information In the Middle Ages, the Great Silk Road passed through the territory of modern Uzbekistan, connecting China with Europe. The Uzbek cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Shash (modern Tashkent) flourished on this caravan road. In these cities, a large number of unique sights, mosques, mausoleums, madrasahs and palaces have been preserved to… Read More »

All About United Arab Emirates Country

Brief information The tourism industry in the Emirates, thanks to the oil found in huge quantities in the coastal waters of this state, is developing rapidly. Oil allows the emirs of the UAE to build luxury hotels with excellent infrastructure. Foreign tourists in the UAE are attracted not only by the warm sea with coral… Read More »

All About Turkmenistan Country

Brief information Of all the Central Asian countries, the least known is, of course, Turkmenistan. For many years this country was closed to foreigners, who only knew that it had a lot of deposits of natural gas and oil. Only in recent years, foreigners are gradually beginning to discover Turkmenistan, where, as it turns out,… Read More »

All About Turkey Country

Brief information The Republic of Turkey is located at the crossroads of West and East. It has access to four seas. This country has amazing nature, architecture and history. For tourists and travelers, Turkey is interesting as a place where you can enjoy the sun, beaches, healing springs, go skiing, go mountain climbing. Geography of… Read More »

All About Sri Lanka Country

Brief information Sri Lanka is an island of Sun and Sand. More than one thousand kilometers of sandy beaches with palm trees surround Sri Lanka. Until 1972, this country was called Ceylon. And although its name has changed, it still grows the best black tea in the world – “Ceylon”. In addition to beautiful beaches… Read More »

All About South Korea Country

Brief information South Korea is one of the most popular countries for tourism in all of Asia. This is not surprising given that South Korea has a large number of historical monuments, Buddhist monasteries, temples and pagodas. Tourists in this country are waiting for ski resorts, beautiful mountains, waterfalls on rivers, as well as long… Read More »

All About Singapore Country

Brief information In Singapore, on the same street, you can meet Chinese fortune-tellers and Western psychoanalysts. In this city-state, old people play mahjong, respectable businessmen are fond of golf, and ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples coexist with capitalism. Singapore is a metropolis with a diverse culture and religion. Tourists are waiting for exciting rides, parks,… Read More »

All About Saudi Arabia Country

Brief information The territory of modern Saudi Arabia in the Middle Ages was part of a huge empire – the Arab Caliphate. Until now, places of worship for Muslims have been preserved in Saudi Arabia. Now, thanks to its huge oil reserves, Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world. Many cities… Read More »

All About Russia Country

Brief information For poets and writers, Russia is a huge country with birches and endless steppes. The famous poet Alexander Pushkin argued that Russia “cannot be understood with the mind.” Perhaps, in order to “understand” Russia, you need to visit it. Tourists will see beautiful nature in Russia, numerous churches and monasteries, fortresses, unique sights,… Read More »

All About Qatar Country

Brief information More recently, Qatar was a forgotten country in the Persian Gulf. However, as it turned out, there are very large deposits of oil and gas in Katera, and therefore the country has been actively developing in recent decades, including in terms of tourism. Tourists in Qatar are waiting for a desert safari, Bedouin… Read More »

All About Philippines Country

Brief information Philippines in Asia is considered a special country. Indeed, even the dishes there are not as spicy as in other Asian countries. In addition, European colonists had a great influence on the Philippines. Therefore, the Philippines, which consists of many islands, can be considered an amazing Asian country with beautiful nature, waterfalls, ancient… Read More »

All About Pakistan Country

Brief information Pakistan has a fascinating history. In the Indus Valley, one of the most ancient civilizations in the world was formed long ago. Pakistan was at the crossroads of the trade route between India, China and Ancient Rome. Unfortunately, due to the religious and political situation, it is not very safe for residents of… Read More »

All About Oman Country

Brief information A few years ago, Oman was a little-known country located on the Arabian Peninsula. But now the situation has changed – every year hundreds of thousands of tourists come to Oman to relax on the beautiful white sandy beaches that wash the turquoise waters, as well as visit the gazelle reserves, see picturesque… Read More »

All About Nepal Country

Brief information About 1 million tourists visit Nepal every year. In this country, they are attracted, first of all, by the majestic Himalaya mountain system, rivers, unique Buddhist temples and monasteries, as well as religious holidays and festivals. Hundreds of hiking mountain routes have been created for outdoor enthusiasts in Nepal, and climbers have the… Read More »

All About Myanmar Country

Brief information Sometimes Myanmar is still called Burma, although this name has long since “sunk into oblivion”. It seems to us that it would be more correct to call Myanmar, as some tourists already do, the “Golden Country”, because there you can see hundreds of Buddhist pagodas shining in the sun. Beach lovers will definitely… Read More »

All About Maldives Country

Brief information The Maldives is probably the most remote corner of Asia, but despite this, every year hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world fly there to enjoy their holidays in this exotic paradise world. Be prepared that in the Maldives you will be met by the warm Indian Ocean with clear… Read More »

All About Malaysia Country

Brief information In Malaysia, five-star hotels are built next to ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples, and small houses on stilts are visible from skyscrapers. In other words, past and present in Malaysia successfully coexist together. Thanks to this, tourists can not only comfortably relax in Malaysia on beautiful beaches, but also spend time with interest,… Read More »

All About Lebanon Country

Brief information Lebanon has experienced many wars in its long history. But the wars could not destroy the unique nature of this country with its age-old cedar groves, mountains, valleys and beaches. In Lebanon, tourists can, for example, go skiing in the mountains in the morning, and swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean… Read More »

All About Laos Country

Brief information More recently, the entry of foreign tourists into Laos was prohibited. Now the government of Laos is taking all necessary measures to attract as many tourists as possible to the country. This is easy for them, given that tourists themselves want to visit this country, which has hundreds of Buddhist temples and monasteries,… Read More »

All About Kyrgyzstan Country

Brief information Until now, Kyrgyzstan remains a little-known country for most foreigners. However, this country has an ancient nomadic history, picturesque Tien Shan mountains, Issyk-Kul lake, mineral and thermal springs, medieval caravanserais, and even ski resorts. Geography Kyrgyzstan is located in Central Asia. In the north, Kyrgyzstan borders on Kazakhstan, in the east – on… Read More »

All About Kuwait Country

Brief information Small Kuwait, thanks to its huge oil reserves, is one of the richest countries in the world. Civilization on the territory of this country arose about 5 thousand years ago, so tourists have something to see there. But in addition to sightseeing, tourists in Kuwait can visit camel races, relax on the white… Read More »

All About Kazakhstan Country

Brief information Kazakhstan for most people is associated with the steppes, nomads and a nomadic lifestyle. But let’s leave these associations for the 20th century. Now in Kazakhstan, of course, sometimes you can still meet nomads, but this is not at all the same country as before. Tourists in Kazakhstan are waiting for beautiful nature,… Read More »

All About Jordan Country

Brief information Ancient Jordan occupies a strategic position in the Middle East. For many centuries, Jordan was the scene of wars between Arabs and Christians (crusaders). Now Jordan is a prosperous country, which has preserved thousands of unique monuments of archeology and history. In addition, there are several excellent beach and spa resorts in Jordan.… Read More »

All About Israel Country

Brief information Israel was formed relatively recently – in 1948. During this time, Israel has become one of the most influential states in the world. Millions of tourists visit this country every year. They are attracted to Israel by holy sites associated with Jesus Christ and the biblical patriarchs, thousands of unique attractions, beach resorts… Read More »

All About Iraq Country

Brief information Iraq is often called “the cradle of human civilization”, which is one hundred percent true. It was on the territory of modern Iraq in the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that the Sumerian civilization was formed 5 thousand years ago. Unfortunately, it is not very safe for tourists to visit this… Read More »

All About Iran Country

Brief information On the territory of Iran, which is sometimes also called Persia, once upon a time one of the most ancient civilizations in the world was formed. This country has amazing nature, beautiful mountains, ancient cities, balneological, ski and beach resorts. Iranians are very hospitable people and always welcome tourists who respect their religion.… Read More »