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All About United States Country

Brief information By European standards, the United States is considered a young state, which was formed at the end of the 18th century. Now this country influences the politics of most other states of the world. Tourists there will see huge cities and natural attractions of amazing beauty (for example, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls… Read More »

All About Trinidad and Tobago Country

Brief information Christopher Columbus discovered Trinidad in 1498. This island was named by him in honor of the feast of the Trinity. Now Trinidad and Tobago, thanks to its large oil and gas reserves, is one of the richest countries in the Caribbean. This enables the country’s authorities to invest heavily in the tourism industry.… Read More »

All About Saint Lucia Country

Brief information The small tropical island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean can be compared to a gem that only a small number of people have. There, tropical forests alternate with orchards, where bananas, coconuts and mangoes grow in abundance. The forests of this island are considered the best place in the Caribbean for hiking… Read More »

All About Saint Kitts and Nevis Country

Brief information Christopher Columbus first arrived in St. Kitts in 1493, but Europeans did not colonize these lands for a long time. Only in 1623 did the British begin to explore the islands discovered by the Spaniards. The strategic location and sugar led to their rapid development. Amazing natural beauty, lots of sun, warm waters… Read More »

All About Panama Country

Brief information Most of us know Panama thanks to the Panama Canal, through which huge ocean-going ships pass. Not many tourists can boast that they have visited this small but amazing Central American country. Spanish medieval fortresses are still located along the Panamanian coast, probably awaiting the arrival of the ships of the pirates Henry… Read More »

All About Nicaragua Country

Brief information Nicaragua is sometimes referred to as the “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes”. This is a well-deserved name, because in this country there are 25 volcanoes and even more lakes. But tourists are also waiting for monuments of pre-Columbian civilizations, Spanish colonial architecture, tropical forest, colorful festivals and excellent beaches. Geography of Nicaragua Nicaragua… Read More »

All About Mexico Country

Brief information Television has shaped the image of Mexico as a very poor country, where drug cartels are constantly at war with each other. But in fact, this is not at all the case. Every year, more than 20 million foreign tourists come to this country to see the unique monuments and pyramids of the… Read More »

All About Jamaica Country

Brief information Jamaica is impossible to recognize in a couple of days. To enjoy this amazing island, tourists need much more time than a few days. Holidays in Jamaica – it’s horseback riding, rafting, mountain biking, diving, rock climbing, snorkeling, or just a carefree pastime in a hammock with a cocktail to reggae music on… Read More »

All About Honduras Country

Brief information The Maya Indians once lived on the territory of modern Honduras, who created a unique civilization that is still not well understood. Also, not enough attention is paid to Honduras by tourists. Meanwhile, in this country there are not only Mayan pyramids, but also monuments of the pre-Columbian era, Indian villages, Catholic churches… Read More »

All About Haiti Country

Brief information Back in 1492, the island of Hispaniola, part of whose territory is now occupied by Haiti, was discovered by Columbus. The Spaniards, and then the French, tried to bring their civilization to this island, and they partially succeeded, but, fortunately, not completely. Now Haiti boasts very beautiful white-sand beaches, as well as nature… Read More »

All About Guatemala Country

Brief information In little Guatemala, a lot of things that tourists like are brought together – monuments of ancient civilizations, pyramids and acropolises of the Mayan Indians, mountain ranges and volcanoes, mountain rivers and lakes, centuries-old majestic forests, hot springs and wide beaches. We fully agree with the Spaniards who called Guatemala the “Land of… Read More »

All About Grenada Country

Brief information The “Isle of Spice”, as Grenada is sometimes called because of the nutmeg grown there in very large quantities, is probably the most beautiful and flourishing island in the West Indies. There are several reasons why tourists should visit this exotic country. Grenada has picturesque landscapes, tropical forests, mountain rivers with waterfalls, as… Read More »

All About Dominican Republic Country

Brief information The island of Hispaniola, on which the Dominican Republic is located, was once discovered by Christopher Columbus. He was overwhelmed by the beauty of this land. Modern tourists are no less surprised and delighted with Hispaniola and the Dominican Republic. In this country, tourists will meet amazing nature, clean rivers, ancient Spanish churches,… Read More »

All About Dominica Country

Brief information The small island of Dominica, on which the state of the same name is located, is covered with dense tropical forests and volcanoes. The flora and fauna of Dominica has remained untouched for many thousands of years. Animals and plants that are not found anywhere else in the world have been preserved here.… Read More »

All About Cuba Country

Brief information Liberty Island was discovered by Christopher Columbus on October 27, 1492. After that, the Spaniards tried to colonize it for four centuries and turn it into their overseas province. The British and Americans also wanted to succeed in this later. However, none of them managed to establish their own rules there. Therefore, even… Read More »

All About Costa Rica Country

Brief information The Spaniards were right when they called the land they discovered in Central America “Rich Coast”. This country was supposed to seem like a real paradise to Europeans. Now Costa Rica attracts tourists with archaeological sites, tropical forests, Indian settlements, picturesque valleys, volcanoes, and excellent beaches. Geography of Costa Rica Costa Rica is… Read More »

All About Canada Country

Brief information A large number of tourists visit Canada every year. Of course, this country cannot boast of beaches (although they are there in sufficient quantities), but it has many other “chips” that are interesting for tourists. First of all, it is, of course, nature, with amazingly beautiful lakes, nature reserves, national parks and the… Read More »

All About Belize Country

Brief information Tourists will find a small Belize in one of the last untouched corners of the Earth, in the Caribbean. Once upon a time, the civilization of the Mayan Indians existed on the territory of this country, and it should be noted that they chose an excellent place to live. Travelers will meet in… Read More »

All About Barbados Country

Brief information The exotic state of Barbados is considered one of the most attractive for tourists in the entire Caribbean. The island of Barbados was discovered in 1536 by the Portuguese, but then for many years it fell under the rule of Great Britain. Tourists can enjoy picturesque tropical gardens, interesting sights, luxury hotels, numerous… Read More »

All About Bahamas Country

Brief information Every year about 6 million tourists rest in the Bahamas. For such a small island country, these are huge numbers. You can understand tourists, because the Bahamas have excellent conditions for a beach holiday, including diving and sailing. Some tourists are also interested in seeing the places that were once “native” to the… Read More »

All About Antigua and Barbuda Country

Brief information The English admiral Horatio Nelson, who founded a naval base in Antigua in 1784, did not know that in 200 years this island, along with Barbuda, would become one of the best tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Tourists are attracted to the islands of Antigua and Barbuda by numerous carnivals and, above all,… Read More »

Sights of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a rather unusual country. So many diverse natural complexes are concentrated here on a small area, which is not always found on the territory of many times large countries. In just a few hours here you can see the evergreen selva and volcanic wastelands, the savannah stretching for hundreds of kilometers and… Read More »

Sights of Barbados

On the shores of Carlisle Bay is the largest free port in the Caribbean – the capital of Barbados, Bridgetown. According to simplyyellowpages, the city itself is small, only 80 thousand people live in it. Local buildings are a mixture of colonial and modern architecture. The narrow streets are full of rum shops. There is… Read More »

Washington State

US federated state, the northernmost of the northwestern states. Capital Olympia. On March 2, 1853, it was detached from Oregon, with which it had had a common history, and erected into territory, including Idaho and part of Montana. Discovered (1855) gold deposits in the eastern part, there was a huge influx of population that caused… Read More »

Visa to Bahamas

WITHOUT PERSONAL SUBMISSION OF DOCUMENTS! Visa to the Bahamas The Visa Application Center of the British Embassy operates as usual for receiving and issuing documents. To rest in the Bahamas, citizens of Ukraine need to apply for a visa. According to A2zgov, the diplomatic interests of the Bahamas in Ukraine are represented by the British… Read More »

Canada Armed Forces in World War II

On September 10, 1939, a week after the United Kingdom, Canada declared war on Germany: out of a population of about 12 million, 1,031,000 men were enlisted for the three armed forces and made available all reserves of raw materials and industries. During the dramatic moments that followed the Dunkirk tragedy, Canada was among the… Read More »

Mexico Geology and Hydrography

Geology. – A country of mountains and high plateaus (4/5 of the territory are located at more than 1000 m asl), Mexico is constituted by the continuation of the western cordillera of North America. The salient features of the relief are first of all in the Central Plateau, bordered by the Western Sierra Madre and the Eastern Sierra Madre ; in… Read More »

Getting to the British Virgin Islands

Airplane: According to USPRIVATESCHOOLSFINDER, there are no direct connections to the British Virgin Islands from Germany, Austria or Switzerland, nor from the USA and Canada. Air France, British Airways, Condor and KLM fly to Beef Island via San Juan (Puerto Rico), St. Maarten (Netherlands Antilles) or Antigua and Barbuda. The airlines LIAT, Air St Thomas,… Read More »

Trump vs. TikTok Part 2

Chinese authorities also have good opportunities to force private companies to spy on behalf of the state. An example is the new intelligence law, introduced in 2017, which may force Chinese companies to cooperate with the country’s intelligence. For Chinese apps, which partially store data in China, a country located in Asia according to INDEXDOTCOM,… Read More »