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Venezuela Old History

Venezuela is an independent nation in South America. With the capital city of Caracas, Venezuela 2020 population is estimated at 28,435,951 according to countryaah. The people living in the area were decimated after the arrival of the Spaniards in 1498, due to hardships and new diseases. Venezuela became an important agricultural exporter in the Spanish… Read More »

Uruguay Old History

Uruguay is an independent nation in South America. With the capital city of Montevideo, Uruguay 2020 population is estimated at 3,473,741 according to countryaah. Today’s Uruguay was sparsely populated before the arrival of the Spaniards in the 16th century. After the liberation from Spain, it was temporarily incorporated with Brazil before independence was proclaimed in… Read More »

Paraguay Old History

Paraguay is an independent nation in South America. With the capital city of Asuncion, Paraguay 2020 population is estimated at 7,132,549 according to countryaah. When Spanish colonizers in the early 16th century came to what is today Paraguay, the area was inhabited by close to a million guaraní and several smaller peoples. A deeply rooted… Read More »

Peru Old History

Peru is an independent nation in South America. With the capital city of Lima, Peru 2020 population is estimated at 32,971,865 according to countryaah. For thousands of years, several high cultures had replaced each other in the area that today constitutes Peru when the Incarri began to emerge during the 12th century. It spread over… Read More »

Suriname Old History

Suriname is an independent nation in South America. With the capital city of Paramaribo, Suriname 2020 population is estimated at 586,643 according to countryaah. Current Surinam came under Dutch rule in 1667. During the following centuries plantation work was based on imports of slaves from West Africa, then contract workers from northern India and Java.… Read More »

Brazil Old History

Brazil is an independent nation in South America. With the capital city of Brasilia, Brazil 2020 population is estimated at 212,559,428 according to countryaah. Several millions of people lived scattered in today’s Brazil when the Portuguese arrived in the 16th century. Large sections of the indigenous population were killed or died of diseases brought by… Read More »

Chile Old History

Chile is an independent nation in South America. With the capital city of Santiago, Chile 2020 population is estimated at 19,116,212 according to countryaah. Today’s Chile began to be colonized in the 16th century by Spaniards, who gradually took control of most of the country despite continued resistance from the indigenous people of Mapuche. Chile… Read More »

Colombia Old History

Colombia is an independent nation in South America. With the capital city of Bogota, Colombia 2020 population is estimated at 50,882,902 according to countryaah. The area that makes up today’s Colombia was conquered by the Spaniards in the 16th century and became America’s leading gold producer with the help of slave labor and oppression of… Read More »

Guyana Old History

Guyana is an independent nation in South America. With the capital city of Georgetown, Guyana 2020 population is estimated at 786,563 according to countryaah. After first being colonized by the Dutch, the present Guyana came under British control in 1814. While the Dutch had imported slaves from Africa, the British began to take in labor… Read More »

Argentina Old History

Argentina is an independent nation in South America. With the capital city of Buenos Aires, Argentina 2020 population is estimated at 45,195,785 according to countryaah. The Spanish colonization of what is today Argentina began in the early 16th century. The colonizers pushed away the Native American people who previously lived in the area, which came… Read More »

Bolivia Old History

Bolivia is an independent nation in South America. With the capital city of Sucre, Bolivia 2020 population is estimated at 11,673,032 according to countryaah. At Lake Titicaca there were agricultural crops over 3,000 years ago. The area was conquered in the 15th century by the Incarct and by the Spaniards in 1538. The indigenous people… Read More »

All About Suriname Country

Brief information Suriname is considered one of the most exotic countries in South America. Before traveling to Suriname, tourists are “armed” with a Dutch vocabulary and a passion for travel. In this country they really speak Dutch, and there are a lot of opportunities for interesting adventures. More than 80% of the territory is occupied… Read More »

All About South Georgia

Brief information Most tourists get to South Georgia, mainly on cruise ships and tourist yachts. However, some tourists purposefully seek to come to this island, which can be considered the personification of the unbridled nature of Antarctica. For the modern adventure-seeking traveler, a visit to South Georgia is an unforgettable experience. There are mountain peaks,… Read More »

All About Venezuela Country

Brief information Once upon a time, Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the science fiction novel The Lost World, which described the adventures of an English scientific expedition in South America. Few people know that Conan Doyle was inspired to write this novel by the Canaima National Park, located in Venezuela. Now Venezuela can hardly be called… Read More »

All About Uruguay Country

Brief information Uruguay is the only country in South America where there are no native Indians. However, Uruguay still amazes tourists with its unique flavor, culture and beach resorts on the Atlantic coast. Tourists note that the Old Town in Montevideo is very reminiscent of old Havana. Every foreigner who comes to Uruguay considers it… Read More »

All About South Sandwich Islands

Brief information The archipelago of the South Sandwich Islands attracts tourists who want to get acquainted with the amazing nature of Antarctica. There are a lot of birds there (it’s not for nothing that the Important Bird Areas organization called the islands of this archipelago a “key bird area”), and whales, seals and elephant seals… Read More »

All About Peru Country

Brief information In Peru, tourists will see the ancient land of the Incas, temples of the pre-Inca period, the Amazon rainforest, the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, the relict Lake Titicaca, the mysterious petroglyphs in the Nazca desert, museums in Lima, which the locals call the “City of Kings”, as well as condors majestically hovering… Read More »

All About Paraguay Country

Brief information Sometimes Paraguay is called Corazón de América (“Heart of America”), which reflects the geographical location of this country. Until now, very little is known about it, because tourists are fascinated by neighboring Brazil and Argentina. Tourists will be pleasantly surprised by the number of attractions that they will see in Paraguay. To this… Read More »

All About Guyana Country

Brief information Translated from the Indian language, the word “Guyana” means “Land of many waters.” This name suits Guyana perfectly, because there are not only numerous rivers with beautiful waterfalls, but also access to the Atlantic Ocean, on the coast of which long sandy beaches stretch. In the equatorial forests, savannah and mountainous areas, you… Read More »

All About French Guiana

Brief information The main treasures of French Guiana are untouched tropical forests, a large number of original peoples, reserves with toucans, flamingos, jaguars and sea turtles, and, of course, magnificent beaches with golden sand near the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists in French Guiana can watch how sea turtles are born, watch rare exotic birds, visit the… Read More »

All About Falkland Islands

Brief information In the UK, it is believed that the Falkland Islands were discovered at the end of the 16th century by the English navigator John Davis. However, Argentina, Spain and France claim that this honor belongs to their seafarers. Whatever it was, but now the Falkland Islands is still very mysterious and distant. Tourists… Read More »

All About Ecuador Country

Brief information In the heart of South America, high on the equator, there is a country of eternal spring and constantly flowering plants and flowers – Ecuador. Huge volcanoes with snow-capped peaks rise above the country. Below are green valleys, shining clear lakes, local Indian villages and haciendas that were once the backbone of Spanish… Read More »

All About Colombia Country

Brief information Colombia is often referred to as the “Gateway to South America”. This is the only South American country whose coast is washed by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The amazing Colombian nature, including the Amazon jungle and the Andes mountains, will surprise the most sophisticated tourists who have already visited many… Read More »

All About Brazil Country

Brief information Brazil is famous for its luxurious numerous beaches, which stretch for hundreds of kilometers along the east coast of the country. However, every year millions of tourists from all over the world come to Brazil not only for the sake of excellent beach resorts. Tourists are also interested in the sights and culture… Read More »

All About Bolivia Country

Brief information Bolivia is sometimes compared to Tibet. Indeed, these two countries, located on two different continents, are very similar. Bolivia is a real treasury of ancient knowledge – the culture of civilizations of the pre-Columbian era has been preserved almost intact there. It is in this country that Titicaca is located – the highest… Read More »

All About Argentina Country

Brief information Tourists will be very surprised by the diversity of Argentina. This South American country has vast steppes – the pampas, as well as lunar landscapes and tropical forests, stunning glaciers and subantarctic nature, the famous Iguazu Falls, historical monuments, rich history, diverse traditions and distinct cultures, ski resorts and excellent beaches, some of… Read More »

10 Reasons to Go to Brazil

Brazilian culture According to topschoolsintheusa, for hundreds of years, the cultural heritage of Brazil has been created by people of different nationalities, races and religions. Bossa nova, capoeira and the famous Brazilian football have blossomed in this bouquet. Despite the differences, people here for the most part feel like a single people, hospitable and smiling.… Read More »

State Structure and Political System of Chile

According to microedu, Chile is a unitary presidential democratic republic. The Constitution, adopted in 1980, was reformed in 1989, important partial changes were also made in 1991, 1994, 1996. The process of bringing the Constitution in line with the needs of modern society continues. Since 1974, an administrative division has been introduced in Chile, according… Read More »

Brazil Agriculture

Agriculture and livestock farming are the most widely practiced economic activities. Agriculture is practiced, for the most part, with primitive methods and with little help of mechanical means (3,840 tractors were registered in 1940) and with very limited fertilizations (in 1947 less than 200,000 tons of chemical fertilizers were used, almost all imported). The average… Read More »

Brazil Literature

The last twenty years of Brazilian literature offer a very varied and rich picture. The intellectual generations of modern Brazil each seem to discover the reality of their own land and tradition from scratch. But the cultural and artistic flourishing of recent years and the more severe conception of national unity and its popular truth… Read More »