Claudia Leitte Says He Loves Holiday

The singer was the guest of ‘ home ‘ is this Saturday, 15/4

She is synonymous with joy! As soon as I arrived, even before the is home to 15 of April start, she made that mess. In the backstory of the programme, Claudia Leitte took photos with guests, made videos in their social networks, sang and gave that interview to Gshowbeautiful birthday wishes for her. The blonde spoke of the importance of taking a break from hectic life, and said he likes to be comfortable when you’re at home.

“I love being face washed, in my pajamas. I always have it in my life and I learned to cherish these moments, “confesses, recalling an unusual thing you did last summer. “I was in my Pajamas to buy things on the street. And I pijamão even those flannel Plaid print. I got into a very chic store and people were looking at me crooked. It was pretty cool to experience it”.

The messy love your life on stage, but still of your leisure. “What makes an artist offer the best balance between live stage and live a normal life. If the stage get too intense and turn out to be just that, he makes you forget what is most important in life. The stage is part of the package, and I need that I breathe”.

The concern about life with the family is so much, that despite the daily unrest, she managed to increase their hours and believe that this time is one of the main responsible for the quality of your work. “I have, I conquered it. My husband works with me and it helps me to make a scheme not to saturate. Today I work with still more, “says Hemachandra, who thinks in a larger family. “I want to have more children, but now I am very focused on work. So, you can’t reconcile with a schedule like that. Have to have planning, but will be in the time of God”.

The cat is the kind of woman who values family, so much so that, in the programme, she said that renewed our wedding vows with husband Marcio Quarry, and also said that, now that his children are older, and cannot track on business trips, she has to turn the time with them special moments. “They are well bred, receive a lot of love, and the quality is much more important than the amount. And our time together is a lot of quality. ” Our blonde says she has a very nice and open with their children, and admits that takes your nutty way into the House. “I’m a little crazy and my children know it. We have intimacy. So our time together is very good, we have fun too”

This balance reflects in all areas of your life including, in subject beauty and power. If you ever put your foot in jaca Hemachandra, the next she pays. “Those days rolled an imbalance due to the chocolates. Was breakfast until dinner eating Easteregg. But normally I have athlete’s discipline. I preserve”, says the cat who, at the request of Gshow, your secret beauty told. “Sunscreen with a little bit of base. I try to repeat this ritual a few times a day is great.”

Diva is a diva! And Claudia is an example of who is always divando in make, in my hair or on their looks. The blonde don’t like set your style, so much so that realizes a very large change when he started to nowadays. “changed a lot, thanks to God,” says to laughs remembering that despite looking nice, don’t give up the comfort. “I choose what makes me more beautiful, more comfortable and comfortable. I need comfort, and I was learning it over time. I learned to see with my eyes, and feel happy with myself.”

In 2011, Hemachandra did a dubbing for a movie and fell in love with the novelty. “I love voice acting! And I take very seriously. I want to take a course, but I could do multiple voices. I think it’s really cool. ” If doing the voice of a character became a passion, acting not out of his plans. “There’s no way Novel, but an appearance I would do,” says the blonde, who confesses to dream in living an evil in the canvases. “I wanted to be a villain, so I learn a little bit. My heart is too soft, I look like a labrador when the owners come home “.

Who hears the beautiful, realize a security almost out of the ordinary, but I don’t think that’s always the way! Claudia says that always has doubts and that if it weren’t for these dilemmas and uncertainties, wouldn’t be any fun. “If you don’t have that, you’re not living. When we stay in comfort zone we give room for things that are legal “.

Hemachandra spoke, talked, but what we want to know is when we will be able to enjoy a whole album and again in our beautiful singer? “We are working. I’ve already out “. Tell me how to handle the anxiety, mores!?