Clone of Dress Chanel Resort 2009 Kate Moss, in Zara

I don’t have the graphic proof, because you know what the internal politics of the shops about the photographs, and also know that in Zara, there are all less a catalogue on conditions or a completita web. And Yes, I could have taken advantage the intimacy of the tester to get my wonderful camera of countless pixels, but one which is very legal, has preferred to abstain from rare maneuvers.

But the dress with the saw to Kate Moss receive their prize Vogue Icon China last week, and that is the cruise 2009 collection of Chanel, be, is, and I assure you that it is nailed and is great, although it is not too long (to me is that I like that they crawl even in the most dangerous if you entangled with heels).

They have it on the side of Zara Collection, and I found it by chance, was poorly hung alongside pre-mama clothing (which is certainly great, jeans, are almost better than normal), and the quality is not bad. And in addition: for only 59 ’ 90 euros.