Cuba Around by Bus

By | September 23, 2021

Traveling around Cuba is like traveling back in time. Here is nothing you are used to and in many cases a real alarm clock. Make a classic adventure trip by bus around Cuba.

You travel around Cuba by bus and see and experience the country’s most classic and iconic places. You live locally and on a small scale at Casa Particulares. This is a perfect way to experience Cuban culture up close and really feel that you have seen and experienced the authentic and real Cuba mapped by Directoryaah.

You start your journey in Havana, where you have plenty of time to experience the city at your own pace. You then travel on to the small village of Viñales, where time has largely stood still for the last decades. A relaxing contrast to lively Havana. From Viñales you go on to beautiful and breathtaking Cienfuegos and then on to beautiful Trinidad. the trip ends with a night in the university city of Santa Clara before returning to Havana again.

Day 1: Departure

We always book scheduled flights – most companies offer special food at no extra cost and the possibility of seating. The flight to Cuba often leaves early in the morning and you then have a day flight, so load with good books and newspapers. Food is served on board and movies are shown to make the trip short and pleasant. There is a flight change on the way and you then land in Havana late afternoon / evening. You will arrive on arrival and drive to your hotel in Havana.

Day 2-3: Havana on your own

The whole city is teeming with life. Take a walk along the beautiful streets of Havana dating back to the Spanish colonial era. The music makes its mark on everyday life. The bars, restaurants and cafes are buzzing with life and Cuban rum, music groups fill the premises with dancing music, so even the most tone-deaf guest can not resist drumming to the beat. A Chevrolet from the 50’s or a horse-drawn carriage in the middle of the street crowd moves you to a time when you could expect a meeting with Ernest Hemingway on the next street corner.4. day: From Havana to Viñales.

Day 3: Bus to Viñales.

You say hello then and on your way back to Havana and take the local bus to Viñales. As with many here in Cuba, there is one type of bus for tourists and one for locals, but it is clear on your ticket which bus you are booked on. It is important that you are at the bus station no later than one hour before departure and this applies to all bus trips you make on this trip. The journey to Viñales takes about 4 hours and it is usually a stop on the way but do not forget to bring water and maybe some snacks if it is the case that the bus runs all the way to Viñales in one stretch. Upon arrival, walk to your Casa Particular and have the rest of the day on your own.

Day 5-6: Viñales

The small town of Viñales is located in the lush Viñales valley with beautiful cobblestone formations, pineapple plantations and the country’s finest tobacco plantations. Viñales is a popular place for visitors to the country – here you can easily spend the day just sitting on the porch and enjoy watching horse-drawn carriages and ox-carts pass by as chickens and other farm animals run past on the street outside. The Cuban life in the country is nice and relaxing.

Day 7: From Viñales to Cienfuegos

Then it’s time to leave Viñales and move on to Cienfuegos. The bus leaves early in the morning and you arrive in the afternoon. You walk to your Casa Particular. Cienfuegos is a bit like Cuba’s own version of Paris. Here are incredibly beautiful and impressive buildings, even if they are a bit worn. Walk along the street Paseo de Prado and you will come down to the city’s Malecón which comes to life in the evening with people and a nice atmosphere. ( F )

Day 8: From Cienfuegos to Trinidad.

After a night in Cienfuegos, take the next bus that takes you the relatively short distance to Trinidad – an almost mandatory stop for anyone traveling to Kub. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you spend three nights here to really experience this wonderful place. Upon arrival in Trinidad, you walk to your Casa Particular yourself.

Day 9-10: Trinidad on your own

You now have plenty of time to enjoy Trinidad and its surroundings. The city itself is breathtaking with its beautiful pastel colored houses and cobbled streets. Here you will find shops, museums, restaurants and cafés. Do not miss to sit on the stairs next to the Casa de la Musica in the middle of the city and enjoy the life, music and atmosphere or take a salsa selection. Take the bus or a taxi in the form of an old classic 50-seater car out to Anconstranden. Bring a picnic and swim, sunbathe and walk on the beautiful beach. You can also walk in the Topes de Collantes National Park, which is about 1 hour away by bus.

Day 11: From Trinidad to Santa Clara

After three wonderful days in Trinidad, today you continue by bus to Santa Clara. This is a relatively large university city – youthful and creative. It is also here in Santa Clara that the Che Guevara Mausoleum is located, where the country’s revolutionary hero is buried with 16 of his fellow fighters. Here an eternal fire burns in his memory.

Day 12: Back to Havana

today you go back to Havana. Take the opportunity to continue to discover the beautiful city, stroll in the squares and perhaps enjoy the evening at the Malecón.

Day 14: Homecoming

Most flights leave late in the afternoon or evening so you have plenty of time to explore Havana before you are picked up and driven to the airport for the return journey.

Day 15: Arrival in Scandinavia

You arrive in Scandinavia after a wonderful holiday in Cuba.

Overnight stays

Four nights at casa particular in Havana
Three nights at casa particular in Viñales
One night at casa particular in Cienfuegos
Three nights at casa particular in Trinidad
One night at Casa particular in Santa Clara

Cuba Around by Bus