Well by Elena Miro. Well being the only designer whose collection of “plus size” participates in a Fashion week International, specifically in the of Milan, and to make your designs for women with curves a show as good as the others. Well because the only ones that make current fashion, wearable and sexy, without condemning the prominent silhouettes.

Elena Miro collections do not differ greatly on some designers who make clothes wearable and chic, what distinguishes it from others is that their proposals are intended to real women who don’t want to renounce to conform to trends for “having a few extra pounds” (and that is debatable because we speak of carvings from the 38).

The magic of the parade lies most of the time in the imaginary and chimeric universe to recreate, in their air of spectacle rather than reality, but when changed to prestige models that embody a prototype of woman who exists sparsely by Ladies that we ourselves could be, Grace is not lost, is transformed into something much closer to no longer fashion.

Miro makes clothes of truth, nor short, neither rare nor too extravagant, or conceptual: all what proposed falls within the possibilities of women who have never had the size 36 or have it.

Curvy Women Open The Week of The Fashion of Milan: Elena Miro Autumn/Winter 09/10