There fashion only is the see to the famous more daring in style issues, such as the Manila or fringe shawls as a garment of halftime. And is that to see who is the beauty that stands over that his coat or his jeans. You’re very cute, but everyone will ask you if you’re going to get to sing a song to what Falete.

And the fact is that I see it is to Kate Moss and I think “ stylish is this girl, how innovative trendsetting “, I see it is to Nicole Richie and I think “ isn’t bad, it goes with out Woodstock boho-hippie style “, but came to Ashley Olsen and it no longer, seems that it takes the shawl of the grandmother and gives it even more ragged look that hair uncombed.

So now time to talk about the street, namely us: do you see the trend of carrying manila shawl wearing sport as a trend that will reach the street and soon will see a version in Zara from the shawl? or this only four famous a little piradas get it?. Yours is the word.

Debate Trends: Manila Shawl