The hats they are that add-on that makes your look look more fashion with only put him in the head, so after a few seasons in which we finished saturated to see them in all the blogs, this 2016 returns to fashion. If you thought that they were past is that you have not seen the latest photos of streetstyle in which the hats makes that improve the look category. Retrieves your wide-brimmed hat and protect yourself from the Sun.

Ideal for Bohemian looks, It combines well with the blouses, kimonos and vaporous dresses carrying so much.

Sometimes a simple look of strapless shorts jeans t-shirt He manages to win in style to add a simple Hat.

But the Hat also has a sophisticated point that makes that the most female looks have a masculine twist.

And the cowboy look It is much more literal if the fringes and the denim you join a wide-brimmed hat. It’s time to recover this add-on.

Discover The Complement Which Has Once Again Become Fashionable This Spring
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