Emblematic Garments: Jacket Military Type Hussar

What The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Manuel Rodríguez have in common? Well apart from being stars of the music and history, all succumbed in different ways to style military, through a garment that has been reinvented throughout the history of fashion: Hussar jacket.

Short, long, with applications, otherwise military jackets are part of what he called “sports clothes of the twentieth century”, Diana Vreeland style mass from the 60’s with The Beatles and the look Sargento Pimienta. The Mexican designer Manuel Cuevas was the creator of this look, one of the most famous in the history of rock and roll. For the ‘ 80s, the new romantic reinvented military jacket with collaboration between the singer Adam Ant, which is still remembered in pop and Vivienne Westwood. And where does this word? Hussar means pirate, comes from Hungary, and was used to mention to those who wore these jackets to conform the cavalry through the armies in Europe.

Although the music is that most feed style, military jacket type Hussar had its boom in the 19th century with the British army. Michael Bush, the renowned designer of the most iconic costumes of Michael Jackson, created features touring jackets during the ‘ 80s, which included a reinvention of the Hussar style. In addition, Balmain led look to runways with his spring/summer collection 2009, which led many women including Beyonce. And of course, don’t forget Jimi Hendrix taking this same jacket in the ‘ 60s, in a style that each decade is marked by its comeback, such as in the 2000 The Strokes revived military shelters of large gold buttons. But our Manuel Rodríguez, through the myth of the death Hussars, is the closest to popularization of this jacket.