Entertainment and Attractions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

By | December 22, 2022

According to Baglib, Dubai itself is a landmark of the highest level, moreover, the attraction is dynamic, constantly changing its appearance and extremely rich. With limited time, it’s worth prioritizing interests in advance: you can’t cover all the facets of Dubai in a week, there is a risk of making a vinaigrette of impressions. Therefore, we will try to divide Dubai into several thematic areas. With one caveat – tomorrow he can already become different and find new pearls.


Without a doubt – the main business card of the emirate. The skyscrapers of Dubai beat records one by one, including their own. In total, there are already about a thousand skyscrapers in the city, and you can see everything only briefly, from the window of an airplane. But some are worthy of special attention. For example, the first skyscraper of the city is the Dubai World Trade Center (website), then, of course, the tallest building in the world is the 828-meter stalagmite Burj Khalifa. It is better to buy tickets for the observation deck of the tower in advance: it is cheaper and more reliable. Also list the twin Emirates Park Towers 1 and 2, the tallest hotels Rose Tower and Burj Al Araband one of the tallest residential buildings in the world – Ocean Heights. The best views of the skyscrapers open at night, when the backlight of these incredible buildings lights up.

History and culture

Fans of ethnography and local culture are advised to visit the old quarters of Deira and wander through the numerous markets; go to the Shingada region to see bagdirs-windcatchers, who cooled the dwellings of sheikhs and wealthy citizens due to the hot desert wind. By the way, the work of such wind towers can be personally assessed by visiting the Sheikh Said House Museum built from corals. In Bar Dubai, find the Bastakiya district, which has preserved ancient Arab architecture, and the ancient Al Fahidi Fort, which is a kind of entrance to the Dubai National Museum, is also located there.

Also in Dubai, be sure to check out the country’s largest Jumeirah Mosque – one of the few mosques in the UAE open to non-Muslims.


Travelers with nerves of steel, good health and some experience of the wild are welcome at SkyDive Dubai (website). This company organizes tandem jumps over Dubai, gyrocopter flights and parachuting training for beginners. True, already above the desert. Yes, it is expensive, a jump with an instructor will cost 2000 AED, but it is unique and unforgettable.

Those who love the earth should book an exciting safari tour in jeeps around the desert surrounding Dubai, at the same time ride camels, go down on a snowboard from the top of a sand dune, taste local food, and for a fee, rush along the tops of the dunes behind the wheel of an ATV.

Also in Dubai, you can try yourself as a pearl diver, appreciate the famous golf courses or go skiing, such entertainment is offered by the Sky Dubai complex, located in the building of the grandiose Mall of Emirates.

Evening program

During the day, by all means go for a walk along the artificial islands of Palms, and in the evening, if you have the strength and time left, go to the Burj Khalifa to admire the famous Dubai Fountain – colorful, singing, dancing, musical and tall, its jets reach 150 m. watch several times, they won’t take money for it, and the hands of the clock will just approach the opening of nightlife. She is diverse and cheerful in Dubai. In principle, there are nightclubs at every self-respecting hotel. The more status the hotel – the more fashionable party.

More specifically, they praise White Dubai, Trilogy, N’Dulge, Stereo Arcade, Zero Gravity, Pacha Ibiza Dubai, Savage Garden, Planetarium, Kasbar and Scarlett’s disco. In case of sudden longing for the Fatherland, look for Arbat and Red Square, be ready for karaoke. In Russian, of course.

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Dubai for kids

Dubai with kids? Why not! If you are sure that the child tolerates hot weather well, then stock up on panama hats, protective creams and hit the road, because there is plenty of fun for the whole family here.

Let’s start with one of the best water parks in the Middle East – Wild Wadi Water Park. Its undoubted advantage is the opportunity to relax by the water even in the winter months, which are not particularly conducive to sea procedures. The water temperature in Wild Wadi is always +28 °C, and from the overly annoying sun you can hide in the shade under the umbrellas of comfortable sun loungers. The water park has attractions for all ages: kids have a special area with a chic town in the spirit of pirates and sea adventures, older children (and taller), and adults will be interested in testing themselves on one of the dozens of water slides. For example, try to accelerate from a height of 32 m on the Jumeirah Sceirah tandem downhill to a speed of 80 km/h.

Guests of Jumeirah Group hotels and hotels can visit Wild Wadi free of charge.

Then head to the Dubai Zoo. The territory is surprisingly modest, you can walk around the entire park in a couple of hours, but the entrance fee is purely symbolic. On especially hot days, shadows from deciduous trees, which are unusual in these parts, will be a pleasant feature.

Local aquatic zoos are richer and larger – the aquarium in the Dubai Mall and the entertainment complex of the Atlantis resort, which includes The Lost Chambers underwater museum, the Dolphin Bay dolphinarium, the Sea Lion Observation Center, the Aquaventure water park and the largest outdoor aquarium Ambassador.

Feel free to take the whole day to visit the Wonderland amusement park, which is considered one of the largest (how else) such establishments in the Middle East. Slides, attractions, cafes and souvenir shops, your own water park, go-karts, carousels and other amusements will not let you get off for a couple of hours. Construction of the Dubailand theme park should be completed by 2020, but already now it impresses with its scope and operating attractions. Do not miss.

In the autumn of 2016, the 7th Legoland in the world and the first in the Middle East will open in Dubai – another very interesting reason to plan the next family trip.

Attractions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates