Entertainment and Attractions in Phan Thiet, Vietnam

By | December 4, 2022

For lovers of water sports, the choice of entertainment in Phan Thiet is large – kiting, surfing and windsurfing. There are schools on the coast, there is equipment rental, and frequent winds create excellent weather conditions. Those who prefer a more relaxed pastime should pay attention to golf clubs. The most famous and largest course with 18 holes and 72 routes is located on the territory of the Ocean Dunes Resort. Thanks to good infrastructure, it has become a center of attraction for fans of this sport. Check clothesbliss for how to get to Vietnam.

Phan Thiet is not the best place for excursion tourism, but there are still places to go and things to see, both in the city itself and in its environs. Those interested in Vietnamese history should visit the Ho Chi Minh Museum. The exposition presents exhibits dedicated to the life of the famous political figure and his role in the 1945 revolution. In addition, archeological finds from excavations in the vicinity of Phan Thiet are exhibited.

Among tourists, an excursion to the island of Ba, which is 70 km from the city, is popular. It is best to go in March, when the locals celebrate the birthday of the lady, the female deity Ana, to whose glory an ancient Cham temple was built here in the 17th century. The island is covered with huge trees, from the shore it seems as if they are growing right out of the water.

Binh Chau mineral springs are an hour’s drive from Phan Thiet. Hot healing water, mud and good infrastructure attract spa connoisseurs and those who want to improve their health or get a boost of energy. A huge health and entertainment complex has grown around the springs with bars, hotels and sports grounds.

4 things you must do in Phan Thiet

  1. Pet and feed the crocodile.
  2. Climb Mount Taku and feel the peace and tranquility of a Buddhist temple.
  3. Learn to control the kite.
  4. Find the most unusual dish on the menu of local restaurants.

Phan Thiet for children

There are several places in the city where you should definitely go with your child. One of them is clearly not for the faint of heart – in the crocodile nursery, an adrenaline rush is guaranteed even for the most daring tourists. Not everyone decides to feed huge reptiles from a fishing rod and hear the characteristic clicking of their jaws, and even more so to hold their cubs in their arms. But these dangerous and mysterious predators delight children.

The Whale Temple, one of the most unusual sights of Phan Thiet, will not leave indifferent young travelers. It looks more like a museum than a religious building. Several hundred fragments of skeletons of whales and other marine life are stored in a separate room, and a whole 22 m long skeleton is stored in a neighboring building. During his lifetime, he weighed more than 45 tons. In this sanctuary, fishermen worship the god Kit and believe that he will save them from storms and hurricanes.

Phan Thiet beaches

Phan Thiet stretches for almost 40 km along the coast of the South China Sea. Closer to the city center on the coast there are practically no hotels, well-maintained beaches too. They settled to the east of it – from the Fu Hai quarter to the Mui Ne Peninsula.

Entrance to the beaches of Phan Thiet, as well as sunbeds and umbrellas are free.

Almost every piece of the beach belongs to some hotel, but this does not mean that a guest who accidentally comes in will not be able to swim – the entrance is free everywhere, and umbrellas and sunbeds are free. Other infrastructure is not very well developed – locker rooms are not everywhere, there are few water activities. But there are a lot of schools and instructors for kiting and windsurfing. Water sports enthusiasts are attracted by waves, especially high during the windy season. They also pose the only danger to families with children. Otherwise, Phan Thiet is an ideal place to relax with kids – the coast is rather shallow, the entrance to the water is gentle, there are no stones, corals and dangerous marine reptiles. In general, there is not much living creatures off the coast of Phan Thiet – everything that swims is caught by fishermen early in the morning, and waiters serve it to the table by lunchtime. So there is nothing for divers to do here.

For those seeking solitude, there are wild beaches to the west of the city. There are few hotels there, there are completely deserted areas, but you can’t count on any infrastructure either.


The tourist season in Phan Thiet, although it lasts all year round, is still divided into high and low. From May to October, rainfall is more frequent, there are fewer people on the beaches, and prices in hotels and restaurants are lower. Short-term heavy showers usually take place in the evening or at night, sometimes there is dry weather for weeks.

For families with children, it is better to choose the rainy season for vacation – the sea is much calmer, and the precipitation slightly cools the hot air.

The high season starts in November and lasts until the end of April. This is the time for surfers, especially from January to March – the waves rise such that swimming may not be very comfortable. It rains very rarely, the weather is hot and dry.

Attractions in Phan Thiet, Vietnam