Entertainment and Attractions in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

By | November 30, 2022

The main attraction of the island is considered to be its natural beauty – sunsets in Phu Quoc are some of the most beautiful in the world. It is best to admire them on the west coast. In this part of the island is the Cau Palace – a place of worship for the islanders, a cross between a temple and a functioning lighthouse.

Ridgebacks are bred in Fukuoka. This breed of dog is easily recognizable by its ridge – on their back they have a characteristic strip of wool growing in the opposite direction. Excursions are organized to Fukuoka Ridgeback nurseries.

In the southeast there is a private Museum of Local Lore. It is remarkable not only for its collection of antiquities, samples of flora and fauna, but also for the picturesque views that open from the 6th floor of its building. In the same part of the island there is the Tranh waterfall and a Buddhist temple on the top of the mountain. The historical landmark of these places is the “coconut” prison, a concentration camp for political prisoners during the civil war.

According to cachedhealth, Phu Quoc is the birthplace of the unusual religion “kaodai”. Her followers revere famous personalities. Lenin, Churchill, Leo Tolstoy, Shakespeare and others are considered saints.

In the north of the island, you can get acquainted with the life and traditions of a fishing village, visit a pearl farm and a rubber plantation, learn how black pepper is grown. Here is the most picturesque part of the national park, where walking tours are organized.

Going for a walk in the jungle of the national park, do not forget about repellents!

Excursion companies arrange day trips to the most interesting corners. They also offer two-day “robinson tours” to the uninhabited islets of the South Spit with an overnight stay under the starry sky and fishing. Multi-day tours from Phu Quoc to Cambodia and Singapore are popular.

5 things to do in Phu Quoc

  1. Meet the sunset on Long Beach.
  2. Arrange a trip to the night market.
  3. See how black pepper grows.
  4. Try the signature fish sauce.
  5. Participate in a photo shoot in the style of “bounty”.

Phu Quoc for kids

Vinperl Land amusement park (off. site with English version) is a continuation of the famous park in Nha Trang. On its territory there are numerous attractions, a water park, a dolphinarium, an oceanarium, a fountain show, cafes and shops. There are free buses running along the Tran Hung Dao road.

Safari Park “Winpearl Safari Phu Quoc” (off. site with the English version), 30 km from the airport, covers an area of ​​380 hectares. Excursions in it are carried out on a special car that passes through the territory with walking tigers, lions, zebras and antelopes. In addition to the wildlife park, there is also an open zoo.


The rainy season in Fukuoka lasts from May to November, the rest of the period is the dry season, conducive to beach holidays and scuba diving. The best time to visit is the middle of winter when the sky is blue, the sea is calm and the air temperature is not very high.

Diving in Fukuoka

Diving in Vietnam is considered the cheapest in the world: this applies to both equipment prices and instructor services. Here it is also one of the most interesting in the country. Diving schools offer excursions to Turtle Island, around which hundreds of exotic fish live – 1 dive 40 minutes costs from 150,000 VND. The best time for diving is from December to June.

In Fukuoka, you can get trained and certified by PADI or SSI.

Phu Quoc’s main dive sites are off the northwest coast and Antoy Island to the south. The north is well suited for beginners – the depth there does not exceed 10 m, and the underwater world is breathtakingly picturesque: coral colonies, rock formations, an abundance of colorful underwater inhabitants. In the south there are more than 20 popular diving sites with depths from 10 to 40 m and visibility of 7-8 m. Strong currents are possible in the vicinity of the islands, diving there is designed for trained athletes.

What to bring

In addition to the usual Vietnamese souvenirs, natural pearls and black pepper are brought from the island – they are grown on local plantations. The local fish sauce is especially popular – the branded Fukuoka product is called almost the best in the world. Vietnamese folk medicine preparations are valued – balms, ointments, tinctures and sea horse medicines for men.

The owners of plantations and industries arrange free tours of their possessions for tourists. There you can be guaranteed to buy real, not fake, products.

Wineries make and sell local fruit and berry drinks – liqueurs, juices, syrup and “honey”. Cheap fruits are everywhere – mangoes, watermelons, rambutans and dragon fruit. At the Night Market, you can buy any national souvenirs – from fans to flip flops.

  • Where to buy pearls in Vietnam

What to try

The culinary treat here, the seafood hot pot, costs around VND250,000 for two. Eaters are brought a burner with a saucepan and fish broth boiling in it, and under the guidance of a waiter, they cook their own dish to taste. In addition, plates with cuts of fresh seafood and fish, herbs and noodles are served.

Connoisseurs advise trying the nhum nhum sea urchin dish, nhong fish cakes, scallop tendon bien mai, and various variations of bang kang noodles.

Attractions in Phu Quoc, Vietnam