Facts of England

By | October 25, 2021

Below you will find practical information in connection with your trip to England.

  • Language: English
  • Capital: London
  • Population: 64 million
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Currency: British pound
  • Surface: 130 395 km2

Worth knowing

Time difference

The time difference between England and Sweden is one hour in both winter and summer.

Transport in England

On Albatro’s round trips in England, we use modern, comfortable buses with air conditioning. If you are going to get around on your own in England, you can rest easy. The transport system is well developed throughout the country.

Price level in England

In London, a cup of coffee in a cafe costs about 2 pounds. A three-course menu at a restaurant costs around £ 40 but can of course vary between all price levels. In the rest of England, prices are generally lower than in London.

On round trips where half board or other meals are included in the price of the trip, drinks are normally paid out of one’s own pocket.


In a restaurant, you usually leave 10 percent in tips if you have been satisfied with the service. A taxi driver often gets 10 percent in tips or you can round up to the nearest pound.

Of course, it is always voluntary for you to leave tips.

For cruises, other rules apply. See the travel program for your trip.

Currency and credit cards

The British currency is the British pound (GBP). 1 GBP = approximately 11 SEK (as of September 2016). You can exchange money both at home and in England.

Visa, MasterCard, Diners and American Express can be used as debit cards almost anywhere in England. You will find ATMs in all English cities.


In England, 230 V is used. The sockets always have three rods and are of a different type than the Swedish ones, and you will probably get use for an adapter.

Telephone and internet

According to Allcitycodes, England’s international country code is +44. It can be expensive to call home from England, so feel free to inform your telecom operator about call costs to and from England.

Most hotels, restaurants, cafes and the like have wireless internet that you can use for free or for a fee. Internet cafes are not as common in England as in many other European countries.

Drinking water and hygiene

In England, the toilet conditions are similar to those in Sweden. It can also be a good idea to have a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag.

You can safely drink tap water in England.

Tact and tone

The English are world famous for their courtesy. Remember to use polite phrases like Please and Excuse me if you do not want to be perceived as rude.

In escalators, especially on the London Underground, you should be able to use the right side of the stairs if you want to stand still so that others can pass on the left side.


During air travel and transport, there is an absolute ban on smoking. You may not smoke indoors in public places unless you have set up a special smoking room.

Climate and weather England

Below you can read more about England’s climate and weather. See temperatures for London, Bristol and Manchester.

Daytime temperature 8 9 12 15 18 21 23 23 20 16 11 8
Night temperature 3 3 5 6 9 12 14 14 11 9 6 3
Precipitation (mm) 42 36 40 40 45 47 35 54 51 61 58 48
Daytime temperature 8 8 11 13 17 20 22 21 19 15 11 8
Night temperature 2 2 4 5 8 11 13 13 11 8 5 3
Precipitation (mm) 82 54 59 49 62 55 55 64 68 85 83 86
Daytime temperature 7 7 10 12 16 18 20 20 17 14 10 7
Night temperature 1 1 2 4 7 9 12 11 9 7 3 1
Precipitation (mm) 82 52 59 61 55 65 67 79 80 99 80 90

England has a maritime, temperate climate. This means, among other things, that winter temperatures rarely fall below freezing and that the weather is often humid and variable. England’s mild weather is characterized by, among other things, the warm Gulf Stream, which brings heat to the country.

Facts of England