Family Adventures in Brazil

By | September 27, 2021

Pack your backpack and take the kids on adventures. Experience wildlife in the Amazon, colorful Rio de Janeiro and impressive Iguazú with the family on this fantastic tour of Brazil guided by itypeusa.

Take your family on adventures in Brazil and get unique experiences for life. You stay with Vanessa, Leo and their children at Tropical Tree Climbing Lodge. The lodge is located deep in the Amazon rainforest, where you can experience the unique animal and plant life from the top of the treetops. Here you and your children will learn to live off the rainforest and survive in it. With climbing equipment and from platforms, you can explore the rainforest with your local guide from the crowns – a fun and challenging activity for the whole family. And no trip to the Amazon is complete without a boat trip to the two colossal rivers Rio Negro and Rio Solimões.

From the Amazon you fly to Rio de Janeiro where you have plenty of time to enjoy life on Copacabana. Enjoy beach life or explore the city on a day trip or why not a bike ride with a local guide.

The trip ends with a visit to the Iguazú Falls. It’s hard not to be breathless by the view you encounter here. The stay here offers both a trip to the Argentine and Brazilian side of the amazing waterfall.

The trip can be extended by several days at the stops in this travel proposal or you can add places like the paradise island Ilha Grande or the wetland Pantanal.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia

You leave Scandinavia and arrive the next day in Manaus.

Day 2: Arrival in Manaus

You land today in a completely different world, far away from Scandinavia. After a long flight, it is always nice to be able to get to your hotel easily and quickly and therefore we have arranged the first night in a cozy boutique hotel in the center of Manaus. The rest of the day is on your own, so if you are pretty alert after the flight you can visit the city or just and simply and quietly relax in the hotel’s cozy surroundings.

Day 3: On an adventure to the Encontro das Águas

Today you are going on an expedition to Encontro das Águas, the place where the waters from Rio Negro and Rio Solimões meet without mixing, which can be seen in the color difference in the water. You may also be lucky enough to see wild Amazon dolphins as you sail along the river. Then you go to the Parque Ecológico January, where you get the opportunity to experience the unique plant and animal life on the Amazon. In the afternoon you return to Manaus. The Amazon covers the world’s largest remaining tropical rainforest. It represents 50% of the world’s rainforests and covers an area equivalent to eight times Sweden’s area. Its intricate life pattern is home to at least 10% of the world’s known plant and animal species. ( F , L )

Day 4: Manaus to Tropical Tree Climbing Lodge in the Amazon

Today begins your four-day adventure in the Amazon rainforest, where many unique experiences await. You are picked up in the morning and driven two hours north of Manaus to a protected part of the rainforest, the Maruaga Cave. A warm welcome from Vanessa, Leo and their children awaits you at Tropical Tree Climbing Lodge, which will be your base for the next few days. After settling into the lodge, a wonderful adventure experience awaits on top of the rainforest’s wooden crowns. You get all safety equipment (climbing harness, helmet, etc.) and a good introduction to tree climbing before you go up to different platforms and nets in the trees. Children must be at least five years old to participate in this activity. You spend the whole afternoon in the treetops with your instructor who speaks English. You get the opportunity to see the rainforest from a completely different perspective and experience the unique wildlife in the Amazon and also its plant life. You enjoy the sunset from the nets (large hammocks) on top of the treetops before you go down to the ground again. (F , M )

Day 5: Discover the Amazon

The day begins with a short hike in the jungle where your guide will tell you how the locals live with and off the jungle. The locals live in harmony with the rainforest and you will learn about their traditions, culture and history. Lunch is enjoyed at home in the lodge before you head deep into the rainforest with your guide to learn how you survive out here. You will of course have the opportunity to see a lot of wildlife, insects and plant life as you move through the rainforest. After an exciting and educational day in the rainforest, you return to the lodge where you enjoy your dinner to the sound of playing cicadas. ( F , L , M )

Day 6: Hiking and waterfalls in the Amazon

After breakfast you go with your guide by car about 30 minutes from the lodge. Here awaits a short hike to a beautiful waterfall, where you have plenty of time to swim and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. After a refreshing swim, visit the village of Presidente Figueiredo. Here you can buy authentic souvenirs in Waimiri Atrorari’s local art shop. ( F , L , M )

Day 7: From the Amazon to Rio de Janeiro

After a good breakfast in the lodge, it’s time to go back by car to Manaus Airport, where you fly to colorful Rio de Janeiro. Upon arrival at Rio de Janeiro Airport you will be picked up and driven to your hotel at Copacabana. ( F )

Day 8-9: Beach vacation, relaxation and culture in Rio

Welcome to Rio! This is the city you can not miss on every trip to Brazil. Rio is the country’s second largest city (after Sao Paulo) and offers a variety of wonderful experiences, from Copacabana beach to Corcovado mountain with the large statue of Christ. Do not miss a dinner at a real Brazilian steakhouse, a churrascaria (we can help you with recommendations for some of the best in town). It is possible to buy day trips to make the most of your time in the city: City tour to the city’s most classic highlights, including the Santa Teresa district, the colorful staircase in Selarón and not least the Sugar Loaf and Corcovado. When you are in Rio, it is also well worth a visit to some of the city’s many favela areas. It is a good eye opener with such a tour because it gives a more nuanced picture of the city of millions of Rio de Janeiro. You will discover that there is “a city within a city” here. (F )

Day 10: Rio de Janeiro to Iguazú

Enjoy the morning at Copacabana in Rio before you are picked up and driven to the airport. Here you fly directly to Iguazú, where you are picked up again and driven to your cozy pousada in the center. Enjoy the afternoon by the pool or explore the city on your own. The rushing river Iguazú crosses the state of Paraná in southern Brazil from east to west. A few kilometers before the river Iguazú crosses the river Paraná, it forms one of the most magnificently scenic places in the world, the Iguazú Falls. About three kilometers long and with an average flow of 1750 cubic meters per second, this wonder is located in a very special place, where the contrast between green vegetation and the dark colors of the rocks with water swirling out of the 72 meter high mountain can only be described as magical! In Iguazú there are a total of 275 waterfalls, some of which are over 80 meters high, which means that these waterfalls are wider than Victoria Falls and higher than Niagara Falls. It therefore came as no surprise when UNESCO named the region a World Heritage Site in 1986. The waterfalls were originally “discovered” in 1541 by the Spaniard Alvar Nuñez. He called them Saltos de Santa María. The name we use today means “big water” in the tupí-guaraní language. The waterfalls are protected by two national parks, one in Brazil and one in Argentina. The tours take place via paths and footbridges that are adapted to the landscape in the area and here it is easy to hike regardless of age. Guided tours of the complex take place several times a day. The best time of year to visit the place is from August to November. During the rainy season from May to July, there is a risk of flooding that can prevent you from getting close to the falls via the walkways. (F )

Day 11: On an adventure on the Argentine side of the Iguazu Falls

Today a trip has been arranged to the Argentine side of Iguazú, so remember the passport when you leave your room. You will be driven to the other side of the waterfalls, where you together your guide board the train that takes you along the waterfalls at different heights. The tour ends on the largest and most impressive of them all, Devils Throat, which is 90 meters high. ( F )

Day 12: On an adventure on the Brazilian side of the Iguazú Falls

After a good breakfast, it’s time for a guided tour of the Brazilian side. Enjoy the many views from the waterfalls and watch beautiful birds such as toucans and parrots. It is also possible to buy a helicopter ride over the waterfalls. ( F )

Day 13: Departure from Brazil

It’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to Brazil and set course for Scandinavia again. A private transfer is arranged so that you get to the airport well in advance of your flight. ( F )

Day 14: Return to Scandinavia

You come to Scandinavia after an adventure trip in Brazil that has given you memories from life.

Overnight stays

Two nights at Boutique Hotel Casa Teatro Manaus in family room
Three nights at Tropical Tree Climbing Lodge in 2 x double room with connecting door in Amazonas
Three nights at Atlantis Copacabana Hotel Rio de Janeiro in family room
Three nights at Pousada Charm Iguassu in family room

Family Adventures in Brazil