Five silhouettes and different proposals so that you can make the best party this summer

Sure, you’ve already look at bathing suits and bikinis this summer of 2014. A ‘mission’ that can become a nightmare for a fun day of ‘shopping’ but get to see you with any model. To facilitate this work what better than knowing your figure and, based on that, go in search of the perfect design.

Do you know how is your body? Which designs are those who favour me? To begin with, takes note of the main types of silhouettes that exist and which cuts and styles are the most flattering:

-‘Hourglass’: It is the silhouette yearn for all being the more harmonious and classic example of femininity (same proportion of chest and hips, and very defined waist). If this is your case, you’re in luck because you can risk with any style and cut, although it takes this opportunity to opt out of bikinis and qualify your figure based on aristmarketing.

  1. in the pasarela Gran Canaria warm fashion, we see Malena Costa with a bikini in blue tone, the signature Red Point; 2. design with ‘top’ Court ‘halter’ with reliefs of La Perla (‘top’, €242; and bottom, €108); 3. design with fun prints drawings, of Miranda for Lydia by dosMares (110 €); 4. bikini in tone cake, eseOese (€49,90); and 5. In a striking yellow tone, O’Neill (€40).

-Rectangular: It is characterized by shoulders and hips aligned and little defined waist. In this case, committed to designs that visually to fine-tune the hips as, for example, a one piece or contrasting tones with the front side (remember the miracle’ dress’? They created the same effect). They will also be your ally ‘panties’ frilly, low-waisted and the ‘tops’ with enhanced chest.

  1. in the 080 Barcelona Fashion, design of TCN , which enhances the hips with side bands; 2. tone pot design with loops on their hips, Chantelle (€89.90 the ‘top’ and €30,80 ‘bottom’); 3. design ‘bandeau’ with non-detachable straps and a pattern of stripes sailor, Etam (€29,90); 4. with ‘top’ armed and flying on their hips, Oysho (€11.90, top; and €14.99, bottom); and 5. Trikini with die-cut neckline, Ruffles of women’secret (€34.99).

-Oval: Predominate forms rounded corners on your body. The objective is not renounce this silhouette, but trying to create a more slender line. To do this, opt for designs that mold the figure and much better swimsuits to bikinis. And, if the prints, like you care! Better drawings in neutral tones.

  1. on the catwalk of Gran Canaria warm fashion, proposal of the Virtues Langafirm; 2. design on a tone black with motif on the chest, which is armed, Pedro del Hierro (€149); 3. with micro-estampado in neutral tones, of Primark (€12); 4. in turquoise with styling effect that enhances the figure, collection ‘Bodylift’ of sand (€59,96); 5. with chest embossed and drapes that conceal the waist, Wolford (€255).

-Triangular: This is your silhouette if you have little chest, but more pronounced hips. In this case, it is obvious that the ideal would be to enhance the upper part of your body. This, for better designs with patterns or bright colors in the chest, or cuts that will enhance this part of the body. Try to avoid the very pronounced loops at hips, though, if they get you excited, to be better combined with a striking ‘top’.

  1. -Inverted triangle: Traditional body of swimmer with marked shoulder – or much chest – and low hip. In this case, opt for designs opposed to those who would take a woman with triangular shape. The ‘cullottes’ and the ‘Brazilian’ Court are ideal.  On the catwalk Fashion Week Madrid, Andrés Sardá signature presented us with this bikini ‘bandeau top’ and ‘Sirloin’; 2. bathing suit with a contrasting body that enhances the bust, Cortefiel (€59.99); 3. bikini with chest embossed and adorned with Ruffles, Calzedonia (‘top’, € 30; and ‘panties’, €15); 4. model with chest adorned with metal stamping, from Victoria’s Secret (€45); and 5. Bikini with ‘top’ stamped with colors and contrasting prints, Undercolors of Benetton (‘top’, €19.95; and the ‘panties’, €14.95).
  2. design with ‘bottom’ adorned with Ruffles, Pains promise (€99.90); 2. bikini that the upper to the lower part can be combined as desired and that, in this case, opt for a colour enhanced to the ‘panties’, H & M (‘top’ – €9,95; and ‘bottom’ – €14.95); 3. design with ‘Sirloin’ and a pattern of Leopard, Björn Borg (CPV); 4. cut design challenge in white and black, Jason Wu for net – (330 €); and 5. Proposed marine tones with preformed ‘bandeau’, by Chantelle (‘top’, €63,90; and ‘bottom’; €37,90).
Fashion Tips: the Best Swimsuits and Bikinis For 2014, Depending on Your Type of Silhouette
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