GUCCIFY: Uncovering the Trends and Misturinha Crazy Desire Items

In general the resort parades bring a proposal of easy… but not the Gucci ofAlessandro Michele!

GUCCIFY: Uncovering the Trends and Misturinha Crazy Desire Items

Having the imposing Palace of Palazzo Pittia Gallery in Florence, the backdrop, the brand introduced on Monday a collection that is a celebration of style “baguncinha” nerd-vintage-street-chic consecrated by stylist! Rolled a mixture of logorrhea, references to Renaissance and to the work of Dapper Dan (designer which made success among important rappers from New York in 80 years).

Is what we look and doesn’t understand well how it might work… but you already know that you have given-and! -Since it is precisely with this aesthetic that Gucci has rejuvenated and became one of the most desirable brand of the moment!

Accessories are the best expression of the maximalismo who took care of Gucci!Here, the hand straps, that outside the runway can be used as a unique accessory and enough to make the look modern and chic!

The glasses retro, with large frames and clear lenses, great strength coupled with scarves and caps; and as we’ve been talking since the SPFW, the socks are styling the item time (Valentino also used, remember? ).

The practical part of the 2018 Gucci resort comes in bags: Fanny Pack GG Marmont pre fall WINS velvet version (and also had a maxi attachment template), but the highlight is just to the shopping bags, especially the ones who “preach” to Guccification, after all you can’t deny that it’s okay that trendy-rolling is impossible to stop by without seeing at least one Urges belt , a vintage t-shirt or a loaffer Designer according to alltimefishing.

In terms of clothes, Gucci confirms the back official Royal color block! It’s kind of funny to think that When this trend was bullish for a number of years the label was one of what else I bet, but with a completely different aesthetics, with all that sexy power of Frida Giannini !

The footprint street continues in key pieces: jeans or decorated or that modeling “mom” t-shirts (apart from the “vintage” look at Guccify there too!), sweatshirts and leather jackets. There was even a tennis in the best mood 90 ‘s like used on the catwalk–time to get our from the bottom of my closet! KKK