It was enough to see the parade from Miu Miu that happened yesterday morning at Paris fashion week for we confirm once a sense in hanging around for a while – and some brands as well: the straps returned to star in the style. Accessory often despised, the belt has emerged in prominence in numerous collections and executed with strength in fire proof sets, the street style. Fact. The streets, the belt has become the visual basis, marking the silhouette, showing a special part, giving new life to a composition already worn out by printing a classic jeans charm.

Think of the belt for a perfect element to revert the attention. A hip belt under a tunic will direct the look down. A skinny belt, in a low-rise pants, make it look more sophisticated. A black belt on a dress of the same color thins the waist – and the body. A wide belt, marking the thinnest part of the waist, can transform other mortals in Kardashians, creating immediately a guitar body.

Important thing is to be aware of the intention of the dangers and advantages, since the belt highlights the region where he is, in other words, if you want to disguise the more discreet volumes is the model, the better. The good thing about this is that it can provide freshness to a lot of visuals. Want some suggestions? Spy here.

About coats, cardigans, jackets, blazers, belts renew the entire look. The look is another with a good belt marking the waist, including heavier parts, like winter jackets. They can be wide or narrow, plain or artsy, everything will depend on the level of your desire for dare. Only warning: this form of usage is one of the most extends the silhouette, so if you have volumes on the waist and want to adopt that suggestion, prefer to use the belt on parts of finer textures and a few plots, without adjusting too much.

As protagonists of the visual, in wide formats, the style pantsuit, seatbelts outweigh any simplicity in clothes. That’s right, dear friend, a cintão of these transforms in any Star dress. Use dark on dark parts models if you want to refine the silhouette, but bet on textures and cutouts that add value to the shape of the piece.

With jeans, there is something more essential than a good belt. Or will say that your low waist pants never left you in a somewhat awkward situation, like “paying piggy bank”, without the presence of accessory? Well. A belt avoid this kind of inconvenience and still provides the style set. Narrow and medium models are the best, but can have differentiated buckles, eyelets, spikes, embroidery and other details that are reflective of your preferred style, of the rocker to the cowboy, from classic to the military.

With tailoring trousers, seat belts are the finish that was missing, that detail that makes all the more beautiful, more harmonious set. Narrow belts are the nominees to complete the look of any model, and the wide are perfect for revert warning in high-waisted pants.

With skirts, belts have seen focus of attention, whether they are slender or stocky. We love the models of differentiated buckles, which really add a special touch to the visual.

High Belts: Tips to Combine The Different Accessory Looks
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