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Learn already won the suitcases on the skin of the Portuguese cast mark that will check (yet) more style to their coordinates. We had two to offer

Wallets and shoes are, without a doubt, two of the great passions of women. Any of these options is certainly right to leave your beloved with a smile of happiness on your lips on the next Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year in which the fancy pet. The cast’s portfolios combine the shape of the function and adapt to the lifestyles of each woman.

Shopping bags, backpacks, handbags and shoulder bags, with different formats and functionalities directed to young, dynamic and entertaining women, the portfolios of this Portuguese brand are produced in skins of natural origin, with manual finishes of vegetable origin. The dye arises according to the season of the year, in vibrant and electric colours or in warm tones according to gametate.com.

We had the two wallets in the cast’s skin that appeared in the image to offer. To enable, one of the conditions was to follow the Facebook pages of knowing live and the cast. It was almost 1,400 the shares received. The winners are:

Alexandra Maria das Neves

Maria Alice Seixas (River of Moor)

If you won, many congratulations! In the average period of four to six weeks, you will receive the suitcase you have chosen at the address you have indicated to us.

The frog lifestyle ensures the dissemination of the hobby, does not assist you with any liability in the selection of premiums, delivery of prizes and other associated mechanics. In case of doubt or additional clarifications, please contact our site. Do not use this email address to compete for hobbies!

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