Hokana Sunglasses, California Essence

Meet The Hokana Glasses

Today we present a new brand of sunglasses that transports us to the Californian desert. This is Hokana Sunglasses. But what have these sunglasses that do not have the rest? If something defines them is that Hokana Sunglasses is sun & fun!

The Brand

The name of the Hokana brand refers to the set of indigenous languages ​​originating in the area of ​​California and Mexico. Its first collection Yana takes its name from one of these linguistic families, concretely from a language that extended by the north of California around the basin of the Sacramento River.

Yana Collection

It is the first collection that launches Hokana Sunglasses, inspired by the mythical glasses that have marked trend over the years. Its combination of curved and straight lines results in a design that favors all types of faces and the best! … they are unisex.

Yana Collection consists of 15 sunglasses that combine vibrant color mounts and mirrored eyeglasses latest trend. We leave you the 15 colors available:

What Hokana Do I Choose?

When choosing a Hokana comes the doubt of what finish to choose and what type of lens. In his collection we find mounts with three types of finishes and two types of lenses:

Finish Gloss:

This finish is the most mythical. We find it in black and havana.

Gummed finish:

This finish is very soft to the touch and brings a very original touch to any look. We find it in black and white.

Crystal Effect:

This transparent finish is ideal for more summer styling. We find it in several shades: pink, red, blue, transparent and gray.

Mirrored lens:

They have marked trend in recent months and are essential for the freshest looks. In the Yana Collection we find blue, green and red mirrors.

Solid lens:

They are the most classic, a basic with which you will never fail. We can see them in brown and dark gray.

Hokana Sunglasses Materials

Hokana goggles are made with high quality materials. Its frame is made of Polyamide, a novel polymer widely used in aeronautical engineering. This material makes these glasses very resistant to bumps and scratches, have a very light weight and resist both high and low temperatures without suffering alterations. In addition all the lenses of the Hokana Sunglasses are polarized. This type of lens has a special filter that blocks the reflections and allows the passage of useful light, maintaining the naturalness of the colors and a real contrast. Hokana Sky Grass-Yana 09 Hokana Black Chaw Grass-Yana 03 Hokana Peace Flame-Yana 10

Glasses Ideal For Summer

Hokana sunglasses are ideal for enjoying all summer for three reasons:

  1. Non-metallic hinges:your hinges are made of the same material as your mount, so you can use them on the beach and pool without fear of rusting, as with other glasses that have metal elements.
  2. Polarized lenses: Theselenses are polarized and avoid the uncomfortable reflections caused by the sun on water and sand on warm summer days.
  3. Dark lenses: The Hokana lenses are dark in tone for better viewing in the sunniest hours of the day.

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