A friend asked me to Council as select and combine Demi-season jackets. It has lost enough weight and has to go to renewing the wardrobe. As it needs to do so slowly due to lack of budget (who was Carrie Bradshaw…) I wanted to buy well and to use it long time. This came to me great because it gave me the idea to write this post and thus help to all that need it. As his style is very formal or very sport, I searched intermediate ideas, with looks that are worth a little for everything.

I think that the first thing would be to have clear to what you want it according to your lifestyle and work… day, night, street, etc… Here in the North already begin to need them because although hot during the day, as it will be the Sun starts to fresquillo (in the rest of Spain say cold haha). If we passed as my friend and we don’t have much budget and we’re only going to buy one, I not invest in a too special garment because you will only be for one or two seasons with luck. Maybe take a look first at what we have in the stores. For convenience I’ve turned me a by Zalando, is an online shop do you know it?, I like it because they have everything, and in this case all kinds of jackets (here), many brands and styles and there to go from page to page looking at all the stores, all there have together. If you prefer to go to your favorite stores (Zara, Mango, H & M, Primark, etc…) and either online or physically and look good which is what there is, what you like and what suits your body and budget hehe.

I look and see the variants I stay with three basic background of wardrobe, tailor jacket, the perfect leather and denim jacket. On the web is what varies are the fabrics and prints but more or less are 3 styles “for life”. Already is that you do not discover America, but if we are only going to buy one you must be sensible and sin of classics to not repent after.

I’ll start with the jackets sastre, blazer, or American (increasingly have more names haha) recommended on getzipcodes. These are for looks a little more formal for the office but combined with garments more sport, totally changes it the style and vale for almost any time of the day. They are ideal if your style is formal!!

I show three examples of my looks with americana, a blue and a pink combined with jeans, which for me are informal (I to the office can not go with jeans) and a black with black pants.

This American Blue goes with everything, also with a touch of the shoulder is more secluded than the classic. If you want to see more pictures of the look, click on the photo

This black American cut is similar to the blue but with lapel Tuxedo and a little longer. If you want to see more pictures of the look, click on the photo

This rose is woven more of summer and is more limited but in another colour as grey for example would be perfect for the whole year. If you want to see more pictures of the look, click on the photo

Of leather, fur, or synthetic… If we choose them with a more formal court will be us almost the same that an American but if we choose it in perfect plan or biker for more informal looks. If your style is more groundbreaking or rebel this is your style!!

It took I have spikes but choosing one without them the usefulness is even greater. Anyway as you’ll see led her into a formal look. If you want more photos, click on photo.

Here I combine it way more fun with this color pants. As you can see a look that is true for almost any occasion. More photos by clicking on the photo

Another look very wearable! As I said… If we omit the skewers worth for everything (good with broken jeans are limited). More photos by clicking on the photo.

Omitting skewers… as you know. More pictures of the look by clicking on the photo

And the eternal denim jacket! There are who maintains them almost from adolescence and follows by placing them. With these passes like that with the leather only that tissue itself is more informal–but choosing a more formal court we will be up to the office. Perfect for sport or casual styles!! In this case you can teach pictures of me because it will not much my style this type of jackets… I have one but I have no photos with it.

This look is perfect! I think that I’m so me to copy it! By clicking on the photo you have any more of the look. A perfect look for any occasion. More pictures of the look by clicking on the photo with skirt, shirt and hat. With the denim jacket is the sport touch. To see more pictures of Miranda Kers click on photo Another super look wearable. On the link you have by clicking on the photo there is more look with spring jackets

I’ve wanted to show my looks so can see that in any closet fit these styles of jackets and that it is not so complicated, it is a matter of choosing what we like inside than it is. Because we find our perfect jacket that fits our needs and our body in almost any fabric.

I hope I have helped… and if you want more ideas or need some look concrete you can email me at [email protected] and tell me your questions.

A big kiss giant!!

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