How to Have Unique Jewelry without Understanding 3D Modeling?

A lot of people, including you, must think that having exclusive jewelry is extremely expensive and you can never have one. That’s not true. And we’ll explain to you why.

Starting with the 3d file

One of the most complex parts to have a unique gem is to create the 3d file but not always this is difficult, for example in the dog pendants that we recently posted.

Although your idea is unusual someone may have done a good part of the job for you, on the pendant of dogs we find several 3d models of a sausage puppy already ready and some even free, look here!

Okay, the hardest part of the file is done, now it’s just add a ring and the pendant will be ready to print. You can also add the hoop (in free programs such as TINKERCAD or blender) Yet we can help you with that too.

With the file ready it’s just print and melt into metal. We also deliver the ready-made pieces in silver or gold, just make your request by email or phone.

Different colours

So you think, and the color? Simple, with the metal piece we can give a few baths. There are some types, the main ones are gold and rhodium. Gold can be yellow and pink. Rhodium can be black, white or chocolate. That was the trick, the two pendants are silver with black rhodium baths and chocolate.

Giving Bath has another advantage, pure silver claws with ease in everyday usage, with the Rhodium bath The jewel is much sturdier and durable.

Ready to create your unique jewels? We have parted these sites that have several great files, but of course if you don’t find what you imagined talk to one of our partner designers.

Remembering one thing, sometimes it’s a little more expensive than buying something ready in a store, but which store sells exactly what you imagined? (Ps. We sell).