How to Wear Jewelry in Winter without Taking Clothes off?

What makes women real ladies? The answers to this question can be very different.Our version is the love of jewelry.

But in winter, when snowflakes adorn our eyelashes with tenderness, the jewelry will become much more difficult to use. In fact, in this beautiful season of the year we put on the warmest coats, voluminous scarves and caps with pompoms. Yes, it is difficult to wear jewelry in such a wardrobe, but, as I understand perfectly, now I will help you. So, let’s talk aboutjewelry for the winter of 2016-2017.

The ability to wear jewelry and create a unique look with the help of earrings, brooches, necklaces, bracelets and rings, is an independent science. Here it is not important to have contact with global trends or stand out from the crowd. Here the main hero is your natural taste. But it is difficult to play with a number of accessories, when in your hands have wool gloves.

How to wear brooches in winter?:

All modern girls wear a variety of brooches on their jackets, dresses and sweaters.During the winter of 2016-2017, you should put them in scarves, hats and even shoes. And it is better that you have several with different designs: big and small, gold and silver, with stones and chains. In the previous post I had already told them which is the best brooch for the Christmas holidays and will be the brooch in the form of a bow.

Trends in materials for jewelry in winter 2016-2017:

– Silver or metal with silver luster
– Gold or gold plated
– Simple fabrics
– Leather or leather elements
– Satin and silk
– Bird feathers
– Semi-precious stones (opal, turquoise, jasper), precious stones and pearls.
– Different large and bulky geometric shapes

How to use pearls in winter?:

Both stylists and fashionistas are advised to wear large beads with business suits.You can also put them on a coat, a coat or a jacket. These types of pearls will fit perfectly to a coat in the winter. Do not be afraid to experiment.

You could say that jewelry with pearls is a safe bet, because they are suitable for any woman, regardless of age or skin color.

The rings on several fingers will be very fashionable. Twin-rings that are different in size are the perfect choice. These rings are ideal for business style. You can complement this style with a short skirt with pointed shoes.

Imagine how unusual and beautiful Chanel style pearls will look on your winter coat and a pearl ring over long Gucci style gloves.

Which bracelets do you choose?:

The hands attract attention and it is not only for the beauty of the perfect manicure, but also for jewelry. The bracelets will be the favorites for this winter 2016-2017.

The baroque style with its large shapes and colored stones or the decade of the 90’s with its handmade metal products are included in the category of “eternal forever”.

Over the next year, the skin and feathers will be everywhere. We can find skin in pockets, shoes, coats, bags, hats and gloves. In such a case it is not difficult to guess what the feathers will also be present in the jewelry, especially in the bracelets. The colors do not matter, choose any size and color that you like.

That will be the jewelry you should wear in winter to look fashionable. And best of all, you can use it, without taking your clothes off.