To dress from head to toe in one and the same brand is rarely a successful idea. How inspired Ralph Lauren or Cucinellis collections may be, no one wants to look like cloned mannequin. But in the case of Luigi Borrelli, we are actually prepared to make an exception.

For although there are a lot characterized and unique feature of this collection is no garment screaming at Luigi Borrelli. Instead, these are of very subtle details like the brand’s characteristic soft cut of jackets and suits, which clearly reflects drill Ellis background skjortmakare. A cut that is clearly going to live with. In combination with a toned colors and sporty elements such as short army jackets in the functional material and the cover vests of flannel, this creates a very portable Italian style for really any occasion. Admirably simple, timeless and well made.


Inspiration – Luigi Borrelli Autumn 2011