International CYL: Bathing Suits and Bikinis Adapted

Garments adapted always have been necessary. It is not no discovery to affirm that those women who have undergone surgery, needed items in accordance with their diseases or injuries. We’re not talking just of intimate apparel, but also clothes that allow you to normalize all the daily life.

In the case of bath clothing, regardless of its use for the beach or the pool, is not conceived today that better-prepared brands do not include patterns and designs with pockets in the treetops to incorporate inserts or external prostheses. The same needs that are in underwear to get that figure with which are aesthetically comfortable or feel at ease, you have when we talk about bathing suits or bikinis.

The evolution of the information that allows approaching the real needs, notes with improvements in pockets that don’t allow to move the prosthesis, or that those dentures ranging in skin contact are channeled inside so the water does not move them.

The evolution of women’s underwear long gone according to the evolution of your outer garments until the end of the 20th century. Since then, show underwear already is not taboo, and has prevailed the decoration and design. Swimsuits and bikinis have always been, clothing displayed and conceptually and aesthetically its evolution has been according to form of dress and thinking society.

Currently, the way of thinking and living has made deep changes in attitudes towards life, and therefore changes have affected directly in the way of conceiving clothing designers and manufacturers. Basically needs is looking for cover and it is necessary to think about how you want to feel a woman when he wears a garment of bath.

In Spain, 25,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year per year, of which 65% just in mastectomy (approx. 16,000). Only 30% of these women is the reconstruction, so that, each year, increases in women more than 11,000 those who need garments with internal pockets for prosthesis

And in our shopping expert, it is necessary to respond to this need that is becoming more common among our customers.