Jalisco Unites Its Footwear, Clothing, Jewelry and Textile Industries

Jalisco has been the only State of the Mexican Republic that has managed to establish a legal figure with which it created links and common objectives for the four industries directly related to the generation of fashion and design, increased activity development in Mexico.

Through the creation of the Council of the fashion of Jalisco in 2011, the entity has managed to also provide integration and value to firms with global potential of these sectors.

Private organisations of the Council of the fashion of Jalisco are: camera national of the industry of the dress delegation Jalisco, Jalisco jewelry, textile Chamber of West Chamber and the Chamber of the industry of the footwear of Jalisco, all of them under the support of Secretary of economic promotion of the State according to Themakeupexplorer.com.

Jalisco thus has been placed gradually as “the Capital of design and fashion in Mexico”, and aims to be a city of fashion at the international level also.

The fashion Council disseminates and promotes since products and marks made in Jalisco, and supports them in his foray into new markets in this way to this State and Mexico to leadership in the creation and production of fashion.

In this way has been created a first group of global brands in the State that have elements such as production, design and fashion, to achieve successful presence in different international markets.

It is as well as under the tenets of this Council of the fashion of Jalisco have decided to put Minerva Fashion as the concept and the central in the efforts of this Council event, so Minerva Fashion at the same time boost the performance of other exhibitions and trade events and fashion trend that are held each year in the State.

Minerva Fashion will be held next nine to 11 October in the capital of Guadalajara and will include business meetings, international conferences on trends in fashion and design, national and international gateways and a gala.

Finally, María Rosario Mendoza, President of Canaive delegation Jalisco, organizer this time of Minerva Fashion, said that with this new model of MF, whose details will be announced in the coming days, Jalisco again manages to create a unique concept in Mexico that are sure to become a successful model for promoting fashion and design and at the same time in one part water for the industry of fashion not only in Jalisco but across our country.