Jewelry Collection Signed by Anitta Controversy in Social Networking

Announcing the release of the collection Anitta Life by Vivar, the Brazilian jewelry store received a series of criticism of its profiles in social networking. The dissatisfaction of a portion of followers was with the choice of the singer who, according to them, does not possess the profile of the jewelry.

Jewelry Collection Signed by Anitta Controversy in Social Networking

–Can not believe that the same store that sells the collection of Kate and the begonias, which are beautiful, invests in the Life of the Anitta! I don’t buy more Life like that-commented a consumer on Facebook brand. For another, “not enough to have money, you have to have good taste too! Collection of Anitta, spare me! “.

Prejudiced criticism was hit by other consumers who approved the release:

-What you’re talking about is sheer prejudice! If you don’t like it, you buy something else or you don’t buy anything? – wrote Mariana, Duck White, on Facebook. Evelyn, from São Paulo, also supported the creation:

–It’s not paying from superior and deserving the girl because you have a silver bracelet on your arm. This is typical of people without education and poor spirit who has to disqualify people to feel better –.

In official communiqué, the jeweler asked for all women: “VIVAA is a national brand with almost 60 years of history and that has Gisele Bündchen as a propaganda girl since 2007. Life by Vivar is a brand of collectible jewelry that always seeks to bring news to customers promoting frequent partnerships such as Disney, Star Wars and now the capsule collection signed by Anitta, “says the text.

Besides Gisele and Anitta, Bruna Majmudar, Sabrina Sato, Isis Valverde, Camila Queiroz and Demata Moraes have already stamped the company’s campaigns. “We are a democratic mark, which believes that all women are special and above all deserve our respect” – concludes the announcement according to beautyphoon.

The collection ‘ Anitta Life by Vivar ‘ has parts with values between R $150 and R $180 and is already for sale on the site of the brand.

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