Jewelry Made Only with Beautiful Beads, Thread and Their Finishes

Everything in this post will rotate around the beads and sew them to each other. That’s what informally call interlacing technique. If there’s a way to make beautiful jewelry, is using intriguing color palettes and beads of good quality as well as good taste linking everything to this technique. Today we will learn how to make several models of jewelry exploring the most beautiful beads. Follow me this amazing tour of creative ideas and step by step jewelry that will make you fall in love.
I wanted to start this part of the post showing this bracelet of beads that is one of the models that I most admired in recent times. Not only the use of the technique of sewing beads between beads (interlacing) is amazing but the color palette, the quality and the choice of models of beads is the best. Note that the finish is of Imam. It was a piece sold for some time after the store Anthropologie.

When we talk about sewing beads between beads, the possibilities go beyond the imagination of many artisans. The process can even be a mathematician and require extreme patience because we should tell the quantity of pieces in every detail but at the same time, it is a pleasure to view the result of each creation.

The creations have no limits. This technique can be used in necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and even other types of gear and accessories according to insurancejust.

Graphic example of Bracelet:

Step-by-step example of maxi ring chart:

But speaking in materials needed for installation of these extraordinary parts, let’s begin with the line. The line should be a smart choice. In stores for jewelry you can find the exact lines for this type of work. Avoid common sewing lines, they don’t serve. In Brazil I’ve heard much talk on linhanyl. Here in the United States the most commonly used are the Nymo Thread. Choose the pitch of the line that will marry perfectly with the beads you choose. Note that in addition to varied colors you can choose transparent lines too.

There is a type of needle that is ideal for this type of mounting of costume jewelry.

This model of needle may be long or short, but the most interesting in this needle is that she is malleable and has all your heart torn. She just connects the edges giving the opportunity to fit any thickness of line. Interesting, isn’t it?

If you don’t find that kind of needle in your town, don’t worry! Use a sewing needle, but she is thin enough to pass on the inside of the beads with the narrower holes you will use.

With respect to the beads, the possibilities are many. Always choose to have a wide variety of beads like seed “who are these below. You will find different sizes, some may be transparent, glossy or matte. The colors are endless. Some beads including can have colors merged or have the effect “furtacor”.

Some other beads are extremely interesting for use in these models of jewelry. I can say that the Japanese miyuki beads are a type of what I mean here. They are of great quality and very pretty but sometimes a bit expensive and hard to find. This model below has two holes and you can also find them by the name “Tila Beads”.

See a bracelet model using the beads miyuki with two holes.

See a graph of bracelet.

Don’t forget to purchase faceted beads in various sizes including the Czech crystals. Are they long or round, freeform, surely will trigger beautiful pieces. See a model very beautiful necklace with Czech crystals:

Speaking of the swarovski crystals are considered one of the most beautiful and accessible parts stores for jewelry in Brazil. Try exploring many models. There are swarovski crystals that are with several drops small swarovski that are beautiful. I personally really like maxi necklaces with drops. Are these drops of glass or crystals.

There is also a model of beads being much exploited here in the US that is the “rice” beads.

Explore also the glass beads that are beautiful. See a model with glass beads:

Some models can even remind us a delicate lace. To this end, abuse of lace beads “seed”, quite small.

Starting step by step templates in chart, note that here we will explore vintage and Victorian fervor but we can also use these techniques to re-create any other style.

Search click on the images to see the details of the graphics.

(All these charts are available free of charge on the internet at several sites, and were produced by craftsmen Russians, Greeks, Turks, Japanese or Americans. Some don’t have the name or website address of the true author).

1-vintage Necklace with pearls;

2-rings bracelet;

3-rice beads bracelet chart:

4-Chart of earrings are easy to do:

5-maxi ring chart:

5-Chart of pendant:

7-Victorian necklace beads graph:

8-bracelet model chart with Bugle beads:

9-vintage necklace chart:

10-another Victorian necklace model chart:

11-model chart of lace necklace of beads:

12-bracelet beads graph:

13-another vintage necklace model:

14-rice beads necklace chart:

15-flower beads graph for earrings or pendants:

16-graphic flower bracelet of beads:

17-bracelet or necklace chart waves of beads. This makes a nice effect!

18-a chart of model maxi necklace of beads:

19-Chart of Czech Crystal beads bracelet in the Middle:

20-Chart of seed beads and crystals bracelet in balloon model:

21-vintage bracelet chart with glass beads:

To end this post I wanted to comment to you about the delicate work of altar boys of beads made of small beads. These are interlacing works too. Here on the blog I have a step by step model well interesting you will enjoy learning. Be sure to look at our link on interlacing and enjoy making beautiful jewelry!

See another beautiful model:

And another model.