The leggings and pants push up can not miss in your closet. Its comfort, versatility and variety make this garment one of our basics for next season.We give you some tips so that you can combine them perfectly, do you accompany us?

The perfect fusion between a pair of plastic pants and thick  stockings :leggings, push up leggings and even so-fashionable jeggings fit a wide variety of looks and combinations which you can check with automotiveqna. Not only do we talk about a sports style, which is the most common in this type of clothing, but also the most daring, elegant or glamorous.

How to combine our leggins

If we accompany this garment with the appropriate accessories, we can achieve one effect or another. In this sense, if for example we want tohighlight our waist, we can accompany our leggings with a long blouse, if possible tightened with a belt.

If, on the contrary, what you prefer is to visually  reduce your hips, what you can do is combine your leggings with sweaters and vaporous tunics that are ideal for good weather. In the latter case, you can also combine your leggings with a wide, loose belt and, if possible, with a drop effect to one side, a vertical line that will undoubtedly stylize your figure. In short, some more guidelines at the time d choose your style and buy your leggings push up online.

On the other hand, you have to know that the overlays are perfect to wear with  leggings. For example, for a bohemian-chic look, you can wear a blouse, on which you will wear a vest and your favorite scarf or scarf.

In case you want to boast of legs, the best thing you can do is to wear them under shorts, it will be a combination of the most interesting to stylize your shapes. For an  evening look, what you can do is wear your  leggings with a minidress or even a printed blouse or sailor stripes above the knee.

In the specific case  of leather leggings, to combine them to perfection you have to opt for some of the garments that we mentioned below. For example, you can wear a black jersey, on which will wear a necklace in white, and leggings in dark tones.

You can also wear  leather leggings with a beige jersey, which you can wear in high boots and a maxi bag, the same tone as your shoes. Neither is negligible leather leggings with a blank t-shirt, a short jacket in shades of blue, a maxi bag in black and some fantastic peeps toes in dark tones.

For halftime, you can have  leggings with geometric drawings in blue tones that you can accentuate with a denim jacket and a white blouseunderneath. For a party or special event that you plan to attend, you can have golden leggings, combined with sandals in the same tonality and a white shirt that will bring a more informal touch to the whole.

One of the most traditional touches is the combining and white on black. For this you can use leggings with abstract drawings in these shades, combined with a cardigan, T-shirt, and high boots in black. The final result will be an elegant and professional look.

Learn To Combine Your Leggings With The Rest Of Your Wardrobe
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