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By | January 3, 2023

Apartments Available Phoenix

Agency helps renters find apartments and town houses throughout Phoenix, Arizona. Search the listings by price range or location and access community resources.


Ariz. – Apartment Finders

Arizona agency has five offices throughout the state that aim to match renters with apartments or homes. Preview properties and price ranges.


Ariz. – Camelback Towers

High-rise apartment building is located in downtown Phoenix. Take a virtual tour of the facilities, and submit a rental application.


Arizona – McMath Realty

Company manages rental properties in Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale. Search for an apartment or learn about the company’s services for investors.


Arizona Apartments and Roommates

Get help finding an apartment or a roommate in Phoenix and Tucson. Sign up for free, or choose a paid service to get more features.


Levitan Investment Property and Services

Company owns and manages apartment complexes in Flagstaff, Arizona. Find a studio or one-bedroom rental near Northern Arizona University.


Mohave Daily News – Rentals

Find houses, apartments, and mobile homes in California, Nevada, or Arizona. Rooms and shared housing are also available.


Offers listings of houses, duplexes, condos, town houses, mobile homes, and apartments for rent in Wichita, Kansas; Phoenix, Arizona; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Oklahoma City.


Sky West Properties

Manages Phoenix metro-area apartment properties. Find an apartment to rent and inquire about apartment brokerage services.


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Of all the states in the Southwest, Arizona, with landscapes such as the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and the desert areas near the Mexican border, is probably the best definition of what Europeans call the Wild West. Everywhere you come across well-known names, landscapes and locations that evoke the memory of the time of gold prospectors, trappers, Indians, cowboys and various feature films.

In addition, Arizona offers an incredible abundance of scenic attractions and natural wonders such as the Petrified Forest with ancient petrified tree trunks, the huge Meteor Crater, the cactus forests of the Saguaro National Monument or the bizarre lava landscape at the foot of the Sunset Crater. For those who just want to lie in the sun, bathe or relax in between, Lake Powell, the largest reservoir in the southwest, has an indescribably beautiful recreational and water sports paradise in the middle of the desert.

Highlights in Arizona

  • Grand Canyon NP
  • Apache trail
  • Monument Valley
  • Lake Powell

Cities worth seeing

  • Phoenix
  • Scottsdale
  • Tucson
  • Sedona
  • Flagstaff
  • Tombstone

Arizona Facts & Figures

Area: 293,991 km²

Population: approx.5,500,000 (approx. 18 per km²)

Capital: Phoenix (approx. 983,000 pe)

Highest point: Humphreys Peak (3,840 m)

State bird: Cactus Wren

State flower: bloom of the Saguaro cactus

State tree: Palo Verde

Taxes: State Sales Tax: 5.6%

Time zone: Mountain Standard Time (CET -8 hours)

Maximum speed: Interstates between 65 and 75 mph, other roads 65 mph

Int. Airports: Phoenix and Tucson

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona – perhaps the most beautiful place in the world

God created the Grand Canyon, but today he lives in Sedona.”Says a proverb of the Indians, who once settled the region around Sedona. Indeed, one could not blame the Almighty for having left the majestic Grand Canyon for the dreamlike Sedona. Because Sedona, a small town with about 10,000 residents in Central Arizona, is without a doubt vying for the title of “most beautiful city in the world”. About 150 km north of the desert metropolis of Phoenix and just as far south of the Grand Canyon you will find a unique mix of nature, culture and adventure in Sedona.

Unique landscape – stay of several days

Nature in and around Sedona is the main reason why between two and three million people travel to the northern edge of the Sonoran Desert every year. However, many of these vacationers only use Sedona as a stopover. We strongly recommend that you spend several days in Sedona to experience the full diversity of this magnificent desert city. Sedona is nestled in a sea of ​​striking red sandstone mountains, steep canyon walls and fantastic rock peaks. Exceptional rock formations meet gentle pine forests and paint a unique picture. Almost 500 km of hiking trails invite you to become active yourself and explore the wonderful landscape. Whether on foot, on a mountain bike or gently floating in a hot air balloon – Sedona cuts a fine figure from every perspective!

Art, culture & energy fields

Sedona culturally radiates the flair of an old artist colony. Already in the early 1950s, surrealists were inspired by the art of indigenous people and nature. With over 40 art galleries, Sedona is still considered an art center in the United States. Sedona is also known for the “New Age” movement. It is about the detection and release of energy fields. Since there are supposedly many of them in Sedona, the “New Age” disciples come here to get in touch with the deceased, to strengthen their telepathic abilities or to find their “true self”.

Highlights in and around Sedona

  • Sedona Arts Center
    Sedona has always been a haven for artists worldwide. For example, the famous German surrealist Max stayed here for a long time. In the Sedona Arts Center, the focus is on the artworks of local artists.
  • Tlaquepaque
    The Tlaquepaque is a small Mediterranean-style artist quarter. Stroll through wonderful courtyards with ornate fountains, discover the numerous art galleries, cafes, restaurants and boutiques.
  • Sedonas Secret 7
    Sedonas Secret 7 is an excellently researched list, each with 7 recommendations on different subject areas. Whether you are looking for the 7 best hiking trails for stargazing or the 7 best restaurants in the city – you will be well advised here!
  • Chapel of the Holy Cross
    The Chapel of the Holy Cross was stylishly built into one of the characteristic red rocks of Sedona. The Roman Catholic Church is usually open until 5 p.m.From the top you can enjoy a fantastic view over the whole of Sedona.

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