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By | January 3, 2023

Apartment Finders

Geared towards apartment seekers in the greater Portland area. Services include listings of available units and corporate relocation guide.


Apartment Selector

Features elaborate photo gallery, relocation services, and listing of available apartments throughout OR. Links to other states are included.


Elson Shields Property Management

Company provides rental property management services in Florence, Oregon. Inquire about residential or vacation rentals.


Mayes Properties

11625 S.E. 40th Ave., Milwaukie.


Portland – Craigslist – Housing Available

Oregon community bulletin board serves Salem, Portland, and smaller towns. Look for an apartment, room, house, roommate, or tenant.


  • AbbreviationFinder: Do you know how many initials that contain the word of Oregon? Check this URL to search for a full list of organizations and names with the state of Oregon.
  • Countryaah: Provides a calendar of all 2020, 2021, and 2022 public holidays for Oregon. On the site, you can see comprehensive list of national business holidays that are celebrated within Oregon.

Oregon is more diverse than almost any other state. There is a lot to discover here from the rugged and fascinating coastline, over the high mountains of the cascade chain, to high deserts and valleys created by rivers.

The “Seven Wonders of Oregon” stand out: The huge Mount Hood, the colorful painted hills, the rugged coast with its many lighthouses and fishing villages, the towering rock formations in Smith Rock State Park, the mountain ranges of the Wallowas, the Crater Lake National Park with the deepest lake in the US, as well as the majestic Columbia River Gorge.

You can also visit Portland, Salem, and Eugene as you travel through Oregon – or sample some of the best wine in the United States in the Willamette Valley. In winter you can go skiing in the volcanic cascade range of the Rocky Mountains or in summer you can go on outdoor adventures such as rafting, climbing or bike tours. Explore the unique natural phenomena of Oregon – at your own taste and at your own pace.

Highlights in Oregon

  • Crater Lake National Park
    Crater Lake is one of Oregon’s jewels. Hardly any other lake is so deep blue. Add to that the unique landscape of Mount Mazama volcano, whose crater walls rise almost 600 meters above the lake.
  • Mount Hood Mount Hood
    rises 3,425 meters and is the highest place in Oregon. The volcano is a popular holiday destination in both winter and summer.
  • Oregon Coast
    The wild coast of Oregon offers an infinite number of wonderful photo opportunities and the coastal road is lined with many small charming towns.
  • Hells Canyon
    At 2,438 meters, Hells Canyon is the deepest canyon in North America created by a river.
  • Columbia River Gorge
    The wide rocky gorge of the Columbia River breaks through the cascade chain and creates unique photo opportunities. The gorge is home to the largest pool of waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest.

Cities worth seeing

  • Portland
    The pedestrian-friendly city with its many parks and first-class shopping opportunities is a real gem in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Salem
    The small capital of Oregon is located in the Willamette Valley.
  • Eugene
    Eugene is also in the Willamette Valley. The university city is the second largest in Oregon.
  • Astoria
    The most famous highlight of the small port city is the 38 meter high Astoria column, which marks the completed west expansion of the USA.

State Facts & Figures

Area: 251,571 km²

Population: approx.3,830,000 (15 per km²)

Capital: Salem (approx.155,000 pe)

Highest point: Mt. Hood (3,425 m)

State Bird: Western Meadowlark

State flower: Oregon Grape

State tree: Douglas Fir

State animal: Bieber

Taxes: State Sales Tax: None

Time zone: Pacific Standard Time (CET -9 hours)

Mountain Standard Time (CET -8 hours)

Maximum speed: Interstates between 55 mph and 65 mph,

other roads 55 mph

Int. Airports: Portland

Festivals & events in Oregon

Oregon hosts numerous events, concerts, festivals and other events every year that you shouldn’t miss as a visitor. For you, we have listed the most important and most beautiful events in 2018 that will enrich your vacation in Oregon.

Oregon Truffle Festival

Newberg, January 26-28: The Oregon Truffle Festival is a festival for gourmets and connoisseurs of what is probably the most expensive and valuable mushroom in the world: the truffle. During the three-day event, which takes place approx. 40 km south-west of Portland, truffle hunts with award-winning truffle detection dogs, truffle and wine tastings, but of course also a final grand truffle dinner will be offered. From truffle cocktails to truffle beer, you will find everything a true truffler’s heart desires.

Newport Seafood & Wine Festival

Newport, February 22nd – 25th: As if there weren’t enough reasons to visit the picturesque little harbor town of Newport on the Oregon coast, the annual Newport Seafood & Wine Festival takes place again towards the end of February: More than 150 vendors of various wine, Seafood and other specialties spoil the palate of up to 20,000 visitors for three days.

Portland Rose Festival

Portland, May – Mid-June: Portland is the “City of Roses” in the USA. At first glance, the charming city in northern Oregon may not have much in common with the delicate rose plants, but Portland has been celebrating the city’s obvious favorite flower every spring for over 100 years. At the time of the festival, the International Test Rose Garden was blooming a little more colorfully than before and especially the big parade, which will take place on June 10th 2017, is a special spectacle. The motto 2017: Brilliant.

BRITT music & arts festival

Jacksonville, June – September: The BRITT music & arts festival is not an ordinary festival. Around 1960, two young art lovers had the dream of founding their own music festival in southern Oregon. They found a unique natural amphitheater on the edge of a small hill in the picturesque Rolling Hills of Jacksonville. The festival still takes place today on the same hill in Jacksonville in front of a maximum of 2,200 visitors and attracts high-class acts from all areas of art and music year after year due to the unique scenery.

Pendleton round-up

Pendleton, September 12-15: During the annual Pendleton Round-Up, all of Pendleton is in a state of emergency: the city’s main street is declared a pedestrian zone, live music resounds through the streets and costumed rodeo fans shape the street scene. Daily pageants, parades, pow-wows, beauty contests – and of course the real highlight of the round-up: the rodeo. A truly American tradition that you should definitely be part of!

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