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By | January 3, 2023

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Vermont is the only one of the New England states that does not border the sea. It is known for its idyllic mountain landscapes.

The most popular recreational areas are Lake Champlain, which stretches about 180 km to the south along the Vermont-New York border, and the enchanting Green Mountains in the south of the state, which gave Vermont its nickname “Green Mountain State”.

The capital Montepelier, known for the production of maple syrup, is also in the Green Mountains. Worth seeing in this city is the government building, the “Vermot State Capitol”. With its golden dome and beautiful surroundings, many tourists consider it the most beautiful government building in the United States.

The “Pavilion Hotel” is also worth a visit. It served as a residence for MPs until 1966, before it was demolished. Today, the rebuilt building houses the Vermont Historical Society Museum, where you can find lots of exciting information about the history of the state.

The Vermont countryside offers opportunities for hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, golfing and skiing. The Killington Resort has a particularly long ski season, which runs from October to June. The fall months are also very popular in Vermont, as the red coloring of the leaves is particularly impressive here during Indian Summer. However, the most popular travel time is from May to September.

State Facts & Figures

Area: 24,901 km²

Population: approx.620,000

Capital: Montpelier (approx.7,700 pe)

Highest point: Mount Mansfield (1,339 m)

Largest city: Burlington (approx.42,000 pe)

Taxes: Sales Tax 6%

Time zone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5 / -4)

Maximum speed:
Interstates 88 km / h
other roads 80 km / h

Int. Airports: Burlington

Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont

The Green Mountains are located in the US state of Vermont and are its highest mountain range. They extend across the southwest and center of Vermont, occupying a vast area of ​​the state. The first French settlers to settle in the area named them “the green mountains” because the climate is milder there than in the White Mountains further east. The gentle heights, mostly covered with maple forests, differ considerably from the rough granite massif of the White Mountains.

Also, because the Green Mountains can be reached by over 70 million people in a day tour, they are a popular destination for local recreation seekers. Whether cycling, hiking, horseback riding or water activities – there are numerous ways to make the most of your vacation time in the Green Mountains. You can also explore the National Forest by car on various routes through the forest. You will get to know the beauty of the Green Mountains – rewarded by magnificent views.

Highlights in the Green Mountains

  • Thundering Falls
    A waterfall located in a beautiful area. Absolutely worth seeing!
  • White Rocks Cliffs Trail
    On the 3.2 mile hiking trail you have magnificent views of the Green Mountains, the Taconic Mountains and the Adirondack Mountains.
  • Little Rock Pond Trail
    A 4 mile hiking trail that leads to a lake that is picturesquely surrounded by the hills of the Green Mountains.

Information about the Green Mountains

Foundation: 1932

Area: 1615 km²

Highest point: Mount Mansfield (1,339 m)

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