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By | January 3, 2023

Casper – – Unfurnished Apartments

Those looking for a place to keep their furniture in Wyoming can look here for rental listings. Also find commercial property for rent.


Cody Enterprise – For Rent

Find a place to settle down in Wyoming. Classified ads list available rental apartments, houses, land, and commercial venues.


Jackson Hole News – Rentals

Antelope Flats, Alpine, Teton Creek, and Mormon Way houses, apartments, and retail or office rentals are available in Wyoming.


Sheridan Press – Unfurnished Apartments for Rent

Those looking to relocate in Wyoming can start looking at the rental listings here. Also look for furnished apartments, houses, and mobile homes.


Wyoming – News-Record – Rentals

Look for commercial property, apartments, mobile homes and spaces, storage, and retail rentals. Also find or seek roommates.


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  • Countryaah: Provides a calendar of all 2020, 2021, and 2022 public holidays for Wyoming. On the site, you can see comprehensive list of national business holidays that are celebrated within Wyoming.

Wyoming captivates with its grand national parks, real cowboys, exciting western cities and an incomparable landscape and wildlife. Experience this unique state on your journey through the Rockies & Dakotas!

The numerous ranches in Wyoming, the cattle drives with huge herds of cattle, the rodeos and the roundups ensured that Wyoming was nicknamed “The Cowboy State”. The horse is still an important form of transportation in Wyoming today.

The nature in this state is also exceptionally beautiful. First of all, of course, is the famous Yellowstone National Park with its bubbling geysers, foaming waterfalls and majestic mountains.

For all rodeo fans, a visit to the “Cheyenne Frontier Days”, the largest rodeo event in the world, is a must.

Highlights not to be missed: Big Horn Mountains, Big Horn Canyon, Thunder Basin National Grassland, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Devils Tower National Monument, Cody, Jackson Hole, Cheyenne.

State Facts & Figures

Area: 253,336 km²

Population: approx. 576,000 (2.2 per km²)

Capital: Cheyenne (approx.59,000 pe)

Highest point: Gannett Peak (4,207 m)

State bird: Meadowlark

State Flower: Indian Paintbrush

State tree: Plains Cottonwood

State animal: bison

Taxes: State Sales Tax: 4%

Time zone: West: Mountain Standard Time (CET -8 hours)

Maximum speed: Interstates between 60 mph and 75 mph, other roads 65 mph

Int. Airports: Jackson

Highlights in Wyoming

  • Devils Tower
    The Devils Tower itself is a 264 m high, highly visible rock pillar made of columnar basalt, which rises from the Black Hills. It is one of the mythical places in the Black Hills, the sacred mountains of the Indians, which are very hilly and varied.
  • Fort Laramie National Historic Site
    The fort, northeast of Cheyenne, was founded in 1834 as a base for fur traders and played an important role in expanding the American nation’s habitat to the west.
  • Thermopolis
    In the center of Wyoming is the small town of Thermopolis with the largest thermal spring in the world. The numerous baths, surrounded by colorful sinter terraces, invite you to bathe and relax.
  • Yellowstone National Park
    Wyoming is also the oldest national park in the world. Breathtaking flora and fauna, geysers, mud pots, waterfalls and much more are waiting to be discovered by you.
  • Grand Teton National Park
    The characteristic mountain range of the Tetons is a unique sight. The region offers unique impressions in summer and winter.

Cities worth seeing

  • Cheyenne
    Cheyenne is the capital of the cowboy state of Wyoming. Cheyenne itself gives you a wide variety of insights into the history of the Wild West.
  • Cody
    The city bears the name of the famous buffalo hunter Buffalo Bill, whose real name was William Frederick Cody.
  • Jackson
    Jackson lies in a lush, green valley. The place maintains its cowboy image: wooden footpaths, so-called “boardwalks”, and wooden facades line the streets, cowboy bars and guest ranches attract numerous visitors.
  • Casper
    With two great rodeo events, the College National Finals Rodeo and the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo, Casper offers visitors real highlights of cowboy and cowgirl art.
  • Sheridan In
    front of the mighty mountain scenery of the Bighorn Mountains, many historic buildings from the Wild West period await you in Sheridan.

Festivals & events in Wyoming

Wyoming hosts numerous events, concerts, festivals and other events every year that you shouldn’t miss as a visitor. For you we have listed the most important and most beautiful events that will enrich your vacation in Cowboy State.

Mountain Man Rendezvous

Fort Bridger, early September: The historic Fort Bridger, which served as a trading post in the middle of the 19th century, annually honors the fur traders who lived here from 1825-1840. With all kinds of competitions (archery, knife throwing, etc.) and attractions, this event is equally suitable for young and old.

Annual Eastern Shoshone Indian Days

Fort Washakie, late June: The biggest Pow Wow Wyomings are the Annual Eastern Shoshone Indian Days. Each year, Native American peoples meet and celebrate their culture. With more than 700 dancers, rodeos and relay races, the Indian Days of the Shoshones have established themselves as one of the best 10 Pow Wows in the USA.

Cody Stampede

Cody, early July: With almost 100 years of history, the Cody Stampede Rodeo is one of the oldest in the USA. More than 800 riders compete for $ 400,000 in prize money.

Longmire Days

Buffalo, beginning to mid-July: The still young Longmire Days have been taking place since 2012 and owe a meteoric rise to the “Longmire” series. Parades, film screenings, a poker school, a classic car show, various sporting competitions and much more await you!

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