Massachusetts Tourist Attractions

By | January 3, 2023

Special buildings and structures

Bronze statues in the public garden
Not only for the little ones a lot of fun – in the public garden there are bronze mallards, which should remind of the ducks from the children’s book Make Way for Duckings by the Boston author McClosky. If you stroll through the park, you almost always see someone sitting on one of the ducks and taking a photo of themselves.

Bunker Hill Monument in Boston
At Monumentsquare in Boston a 67 m high granite obelisk soars into the sky. It was built to commemorate the first major battle in the War of Independence.

Cape Cod Highland Lighthouse in Truro In
1797 the Cape Cod Highland Lighthouse in North Truro was built. The brightest among the lighthouses is still in operation today and offers a far-reaching view.

Dexter Grill Mill in Sandwich
The Dexter Grill Mill in Sandwich on Cape Cod, which was built in 1654, is still functional today and has an oak mill wheel.

Dr. Daniel Fisher House in Edgartown
The old manor house was named in 1840 by its former resident Dr. Daniel Fisher – the once richest resident of the island.

Faneuil Hall in Boston
Since 1740, Faneuil Hall has had the same function as today – it is a public market hall and, together with the surrounding North and South Market and Quincy Market, forms a real market place. Here you will find small shops, stalls and stalls on the one hand and wonderful cafés on the other, where you can watch the hustle and bustle.

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Guglielmo Marconi Monument in Wellfleet
Marconi Beach in Wellfleet is the place where Guglielmo Marconi managed to switch the first transatlantic radio transmission. Not the beach was named after him, a monument also honors him.

John Hancock Tower in Boston
At 241 m, the John Hancock Tower in Boston is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the New England states; it was built in 1975.

Old State House in Boston
From the balcony of the Old State House, John Adams announced the declaration of independence of the United States in 1776.

Paul Revere House in Boston
Today the Paul Revere House is the oldest house in Boston. It was built in 1680. The house is notorious for Paul Revere, the leader of the colonial militia, who lived here for a long time. It was he who warned Boston residents on horseback when the British approached.

Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown
Built to commemorate the Pilgrim Fathers, the nearly 80m high Pilgrim Monument is the largest granite structure in the United States. From the top you have a great view of Provincetown and the adjacent coast.

State House in Boston
Since 1798, the State House in Boston has been the seat of the Massachusetts government. If you visit the building with its golden dome, you have the opportunity to take part in a 40-minute tour.

Special churches

Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston
The Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston was built from 1866-1875 and is the largest Roman Catholic cathedral in New England.

King’s Chapel in Boston
The King’s Chapel in Boston was the first Anglican church in Boston and was founded in 1688 and completed in 1754. The peculiarity of the church is one of the bells that come from Paul Revere’s workshop.

New Old South Church
The New Old South Church was built in 1874/75 in the neo-Gothic style.

Old North Church in Boston
There is an interesting story to tell about the Old North Church built in Boston in 1723. On the night of April 18, 1775, two lanterns were attached to the tower of the church and it was agreed that one would be lit when the British landed and two if they chose the sea route.

Old Whaling Church in Edgartown
The classicistic Old Whaling Church is located in Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard. It was built in 1843 and its exterior is reminiscent of a Greek temple. It offers a wonderful ambience for weddings and events of all kinds.

Park Street Church Boston
Park Street Church was built in 1810 and is located on the Freedom Trail in Boston. It is a former center of the anti-slavery movement.

Trinity Church in Boston
Trinity Church in Boston is a monumental, reddish sandstone building from 1877. The church was built by the American architect Henry Hobson Richardson in the style of the French Romanesque; magnificent frescoes in the interior by the American painter John La Farge. After the old parish church burned down completely in the fire of 1872, the current parish church of the Episcopal Church of the United States, Trinity Church, was built on Copley Square in Boston from 1872 to 1877.
It is the first building to be built in the Richardsonian Romanesque style. This style, which was founded by the architect Richardson, is characterized by a flat tile roof, heavy arches and towers.

Special cemeteries

Granary Burying Ground in Boston
The oldest cemetery in Boston, the Granary Burying Ground, was founded in 1660 and is the final resting place for many of the city’s famous figures, such as revolutionary hero John Hancock.

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord
The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is located in the center of Concord and is therefore easy to reach on foot. The best known personalities who are buried here are the poets and authors Henry David Thoreau and Alcott.

Big celebrations and events

Fourth of July in Boston
July 4th, the Independence Day of the United States, is celebrated in Boston. The entire city is changing to the colors of the US flag, there are many stalls and stalls along the Charles River that provide food, drink and plenty of attractions for children. Other highlights of the day include the Boston Pops Orchestra’s annual free concert on the Esplanade and the overwhelming fireworks that end the day.
The celebrations in Boston are one of the largest in the country.

Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in Becket
Once a year, the village of Becket near Lenox really blooms when it’s time for the popular Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. From the end of June to August, people devote themselves entirely to contemporary dance.

Tanglewood Music Festival in Lenox
One of the most significant music events in the country, the Tanglewood Music Festival, takes place annually between July and September in the manageable town of Lenox. Many visitors end up here, for example, to experience the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The Tanglewood Jazz Festival is at least as successful.

Williamstown Theater Festival
The Williamstown Theater Festival is a reason to travel to Williamstown every year between July and August. The whole city is in the name of the theater, many classical plays are performed, but lovers of contemporary plays also get their money’s worth here. If you’re lucky, you’ll even spot one or two famous actors.


Boston Marathon
The Boston Marathon, which takes place annually in April, more precisely on Patriots Day, is 42 km long, attracts many sports enthusiasts from all over the world and always sends its runners over the sweaty Heartbreak Hill. The traditional run is followed by many onlookers in the city.

Fenway Park in Boston
Fenyway Park is the heart of Boston for baseball fans. The stadium, located in the Fenway district, is home to the famous Boston Red Sox baseball team and also the oldest baseball stadium still in operation. If the Red Sox have a home game, there is nothing better for sports lovers than enjoying the game among friends at a HotDog. No matter how complex the baseball rules are for the layperson, the unique and unforgettable atmosphere in Fenway Park will convince him at the latest.

Gillette Stadium near Boston
The relatively young football and American Football Stadium Gillette was built in 2002 and is located in Foxborough near Boston. The New England Patriots football team and the New England Revolution football team each play their home games here. The stadium, also known as “The Razor” among the locals, can accommodate almost 70,000 spectators and was the venue for the MLS (Major League Soccer) final in the opening year.

Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston
The term Head of the Charles Regatta is the largest rowing event in the world, which takes place every year in mid-October in Boston. Many spectators flock to the urban Charles River to cheer on the international rowing teams.

Naismith Hall of Fame in Springfield
The Hall of Fame is not a stadium, but nevertheless it does sports, to be more precise basketball. This is because Springfield is the birthplace of American basketball. The Hall of Fame houses exhibitions and memorabilia from the greatest baseball ball stars in history.

TD Banknorth Garden in Boston
The TD Banknorth Garden Stadium is another indispensable sports facility in Boston. The NBA basketball team Boston Celtics runs its games here from autumn to spring, the Boston Bruins, the NHL ice hockey team, from spring to autumn.

Zoos, parks and aquariums

Boston Common and Public Garden in Boston
If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city or just relax after a shopping spree, the Boston Common and the Public Garden in the heart of the city are just the ticket. The Boston Common is all about the frog pond, in the neighboring Public Garden you will be rewarded with a floral display.
In addition, the “Green Way” along downtown Boston is always used to relax in shady spots, fountains and green spaces.

Long Point Wildlife Refuge and Felix Nexk Wildlife Sanctuary on Martha’s Vineyard
A must for every bird lover. The area offers great opportunities to observe birds of all kinds in their natural habitat. The Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary is also recommended. Birds can also be observed here and at the same time the Sanctuary offers many hiking trails.

Monomy National Wildlife Refuge
A special highlight is the Monomy National Wildlife Refuge. Behind it hide two uninhabited islands, on which many birds are at home. You can see the spectacle up close thanks to a 90-minute boat tour with the Outermost Harbor Marine!

New England Aquarium in Boston
The New England Aquarium in Boston offers several highlights. In the middle of the museum there is a shark tank that extends over four floors. A circular staircase leads around the pool and amazes young and old. Also recommended are the penguin pool and the whale watching tours towards Cape Cod, which the museum offers.

Nickerson State Park
Nickerson State Park is a pretty park with bike and walking trails, ponds, and beaches. You also have the opportunity to practice water sports such as canoeing, kayaking and sailing.

Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary on Cape Cod
The remote Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary on Cape Cod is also dedicated to bird watching, but you can also hike or enjoy the beaches until dark!

Islands in Massachusetts

Boston Harbor Islands
From Boston you can reach the Harbor Islands in just 45 minutes by boat. The 34 islands, which were extensively renovated in the 1990s, now serve as recreation and excursion sites. Great hiking trails and sandy beaches attract many city dwellers and tourists.

Cape Cod
If you love the beach, the Cape Cod peninsula is one of the most beautiful destinations in New England. But not only the over 600km long coast and the dunes of the National Seashore await you here, but also the lively and colorful town of Provincetown, fantastic bike paths such as the famous Cape Cod Rail Way and the possibility of taking a boat not only Cape Cod but also the nearby one to visit distant islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.
The activity, bike and beach offers seem endless, the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce in Hyannis, the capital of Cape Cod, provides information about the most beautiful destinations and experiences.
Cap Code is about an hour’s drive from Boston and takes you to a quiet spot in the USA where you can stay in one of the typical wooden houses.

Martha’s Vineyard
The largest island in New England, Martha’s Vineyard, is a heavenly holiday destination, which can also be seen from the number of residents in summer, which then increases to 100,000 visitors to otherwise 15,000 residents.
There is something for everyone on the island. In addition to fantastic beaches, such as Katama Beach, you can have an expensive and good dinner in Edgartown, explore impressive sailing boats in Vineyard Haven, visit the fishing village of Menemsha or spend the day with the family in Oak Bluffs, the island’s fun center.
The island and its pretty coast can be discovered by bike. Bicycles can be borrowed from almost every corner. If you prefer to walk, inform tourist offices about hiking trails, the Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary Weg is particularly recommended. Martha’s Vineyard has a small airport, but most guests travel by ferry from Hyannis or Woodhole.

The island located south of Cape Cod first became famous and rich in the 18th century due to its whaling, but this waned in the course of the 19th century and many magnificent buildings were vacant. However, it did not take long for the island to be recognized as a favorite summer destination. Today around 10,000 residents live on the popular holiday island with the main town of the same name, Nantucket, but up to 50,000 tourists come in the summer months.
The entire island is also a listed building, which creates a special atmosphere that you would hardly have anywhere else in the USA, because fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, for example, are strictly prohibited here.
You can reach Nantucket by ferry and explore the island comfortably in one day, many visitors do it by bike. A visit to the Whaling Museum, the sunset at Madaket Beach and strolling along the wooden houses and small sailing boats should not be missed!

Appalachian National Scenic Trail

The Appalachian Trail (officially: Appalachian National Scenic Trail) has a total length of approx.3,500 km, making it one of the longest long-distance hiking trails in the world.
The Appalachian Trail runs north to south through the 14 U.S. states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia. The Appalachian Trail begins in the state of Georgia on the summit of Springer Mountain (1,152 m) and ends on the summit of Mount Katahdin (1,606 m), the highest mountain in the state of Maine.
The Appalachian Trail is managed by the National Park Service of the USA.
The Appalachian Trail, as its name suggests, leads through the Appalachian Mountains, a low mountain range in the east of North America. The trail is classified as a historical hiking trail and leads through many nature reserves, including 6 national parks and 8 national forests. The trail originated in the 1920s. It was founded around people
To offer a change to the working life of the industrialization period The Appalachian Trail was officially opened on August 14, 1937, but at the time it was not very well received by the media. Much media attention was paid to the Appalachian Trail in 1948 when Earl Shaffer ran the entire trail in one season, becoming the first Thru-Hiker. The course of the Appalchian Trail is partly based on other historical routes.
There are over 250 huts and campsites along the trail. Since the trail runs through several cities, it is quite possible to refresh your provisions on the way. Who also plans to run the entire trail in one go (thru-hike) should plan around 5 to 6 months and start in March or April.
If you tackle the Appalachian Trail, you may get to know black bears, white-tailed deer, wapitis or elk on the hike. You should also watch out for snakes, as there are species such as the copper head or the northern rattlesnake on the trail. There are also ticks, mosquitoes (mosquitoes) and black mosquitoes, which can also be a nuisance.
The Appalachian Trail was mentioned in literature in Bill Bryson’s work “A walk in the woods”. Every year 3 to 4 million people run at least a small part of the Appalachian Trail.

Massachusetts runs approximately 140 km of the trail, which is located entirely in the western part of the state. On the way, hikers cross Mount Everett at 793 m, the highest mountain in the Taconic Range.


Other natural beauties

Arnold Arboretum in Boston
The Arnold Arboretum, the oldest public tree garden in the USA, belongs to Harvard University and is a leader in its role as a place for plant science.

Arnold Arboretum in Boston

The Berkshires are a hilly, grassy landscape in western Massachusetts. Many wealthy Bostonians and New Yorkers come here especially on weekends to spend a relaxing family weekend. Many cultural offers and towns to stroll make this possible.

The Brewster region on Cape Cod is surrounded by forests and is well suited to go from here to various sports. Not only the well-known Cape Cod Rail Track bike path passes here, campers, hikers and water sports enthusiasts can also be found here.

Clay Cliffs of Aquinnah on Martha’s Vineyard
If you visit Martha’s Vineyeard and have some time in the afternoon, you should definitely stop by the 46 m high cliffs, the Clay Cliffs of Aquinnah. They sparkle brightly and brightly in the setting sun.

Falmouth & Woods Hole on Cape Cod
If you want to relax, the unique fishing village of Woods Hole and the long sandy beaches of Falmouth are recommended. You can walk along the coast or ride a bike. When the weather is nice you can even see the neighboring Martha’s Vineyard!

The location of Truro, a stretch of land between the open Atlantic and Cape Cod Bay, gives an idea of ​​what you can get here: a lot of sea, sand and beach. If you climb the lighthouse found here, you have a great view!