Minneapolis, Minnesota

By | August 26, 2022

The American city of Minneapolis, also known as ‘the First City of the West’, is a city in which the glass and steel of skyscrapers is framed by the greenery of the environment. Glistening lakes, inviting trails, and green spaces beautify this city and make Minneapolis an enjoyable destination all seasons. Minneapolis is the largest city in the state of Minnesota and is a combination of beautiful nature and world-class urban beauty.

Traveling to Minneapolis

Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota. In addition, Saint Paul is the second largest city. These cities are very close to each other.

Location and accessibility

According to allpubliclibraries, Minneapolis is located in the southeastern part of the state of Minnesota. Because of its location, it is sometimes called the ‘first city of the west’. The Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, located between Minneapolis and St Paul, is approximately a 20-minute drive (11 kilometers) south of Minneapolis. A taxi to the city center costs about $20. An excellent and much cheaper alternative is the Light Rail. From the airport, take the Hiawatha Line (Route 55) for $1.75 (out of rush hour) which will take you to downtown Minneapolis in 30 minutes.

Food & Drink in Minneapolis

Minneapolis has been an influence on American music since the 1950s. Bob Dylan, who hails from Minnesota, broke into the music scene here. And in the 80’s Prince created the ‘Minneapolis sound’. Live music is therefore an essential part of the nightlife here and this varies from the various performances in the countless cafes to performances by world famous musicians in one of the many concert halls. Minneapolis also offers its visitors a lot of variety in the culinary field.

With 4 completely different seasons and countless international culinary traditions, it can be said with confidence that Minneapolis has a lot to offer when it comes to gastronomy. Whether you’re looking for fine dining or local eateries like Pizzeria Lola, you’ll find it all here.

For the most fantastic exotic dishes, go to Chino Latino. Looking for a refined and high-quality restaurant? Then book a table in the Award winning Hell’s Kitchen. Lovers of fresh fish and lobster have come to the right place in Oceanaire. Another restaurant well worth a visit is Murrays.

Restaurant Tullibee (in the Hewing Hotel)

Tullibee is located in the Hewing Hotel hotel. A top-class restaurant with glowing reviews. The restaurant uses the so-called hyper-local principle. So all ingredients for the dishes must come from the immediate area of ‚Äč‚ÄčMinneapolis. The farm-to-table philosophy means that they buy as much as possible directly from local farms, without going through a wholesaler.

Somali food

Because Minneapolis is a real melting pot, you will also find traditional Somali restaurants in the gastronomic area. Chef Jamal Hashi likes to let his guests enjoy the nomadic culture.

Craft beer

Minnesota has a long and diverse history of brewing and craft beer. At one point, there were even more than 100 local breweries serving the community with their specialty craft beers brewed fresh in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis History

Minneapolis originated from the Saint Anthony Falls, the highest falls on the Mississippi River. Boats could never sail upstream in this river until several locks were built in 1960. Minneapolis didn’t become a city until 1867. The city has grown considerably in the 1940s and partly because of Fort Snelling.

Fort Snelling

Fort Snelling is a fortress that one can still visit. This fortress was built around 1820 and it is now seen as a social, cultural and historical place. It is a very important place for the locals. This fort has been very important for the fur trade in the 19th century and after the war in 1812 the US government tried to protect the fur trade and cooperate with American Indian communities. Thus, the Fort, which lies at the intersection of Minnesota and the Mississippi Rivers, has held a great deal of importance and was very important between the American and Indian communities.

Transportation in Minneapolis

To get around in Minneapolis, you can use the excellent public transportation system, including the Light Rail system, rent a Nice Ride bicycle or just take it easy. It is of course also possible to rent a car. You can also explore many parts of the city on foot. There is a pedestrian bridge that connects to a network of several footpaths connecting buildings.

By car

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Tour operators

There are many tour operators that offer Minneapolis as a city break or as part of a tour. You can go to American Vacation, D-reizen, Doets Reizen, Go Amerika or GreatLakes-Travel

Cycling with the mayor

Cycling is also recommended in Minneapolis. It is a bicycle-friendly city and it is not for nothing that Floortje Dessing of 3 OpReis cycled a few years ago with the mayor of this metropolis. Watch the video.

The residents of Minneapolis are among the best dressed in the United States. According to them, this is due to the many trendy outlets and shopping centers in Minnesota and Minneapolis.

Shopping in Minneapolis

In Minnesota you can not only enjoy nature, but also enjoy (tax-free) shopping. In addition to shopping centers such as Mall Of America, Downtown Minneapolis also offers many options. For example, Macy’s, Target’s Flagship Store and Nicollet Mall. There is no tax on shoes and clothing in Minneapolis!

Minneapolis, Minnesota