No one doubts that Instagram is today one of the platforms from which carry out more actions of marketing and advertising (disguised or not). Is not surprising that the a particular garment viralization the nets finished with their sold out (remember the white and gold dress, or it was black and blue?), an effect that is multiplied if we have a famous of through, as in the case of Paula Echevarria, than It has catapulted to fame Mioh brand.

Spanish and specializing in dresses, Mioh is one of those brands that must be in the head when a wedding or baptism It crosses our path. Your designs are fresh, happy and perfect for this type of occasions. In addition, you may break the piggy piggy bank to get one of them, and look different from the rest of guests.

Flowers, crochet, transparencies and small metal stamping are the cornerstones of its collection of dresses for the 2015. A few cuties that have already succumbed Paula Echevarria, causing a multiplicative effect of the sales of one of the Mioh dresses that little more afternoon already hung the poster sold out. Instagram magic.

You also want your Mioh?

  • Dress short skirt patterned flowers, Mioh, for 145 euros and two-piece with lace body.
  • Fuchsia lace and dress cut above the knee, Mioh, 165 euros.
  • Long dress of tulle and embroidery of flowers, Mioh, for 189 euros.
  • Die-cut dress color blue and with top coat, Mioh, 169 euros.
  • Long dress with top in white lace and skirt of flight with floral print of Mioh for 189 euros.
  • Navy Blue lace and fake long, Mioh, for 180 euros midi dress.
Mioh Is the Spanish of Dresses of the Time
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