New York City

By | August 25, 2022

According to agooddir, New York City is located in the eastern United States in the state and is the largest city in the US. About 25 million tourists travel to the city every year. The city was discovered by the Dutch and some street and neighborhood names are still reminiscent of that time. Brooklyn, for example, is a derivative of Breukelen and Harlem van Haarlem. NYC, as New York is often abbreviated, consists of 5 sub-areas: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and the well-known Manhattan and downtown.

Travel to New York City

NYC & Company, the official marketing and tourism agency for the city of New York, expects the city to attract some 63 million visitors in 2018, with 13.1 from abroad. There is enough space for everyone because New York is no less than 1,214 kmĀ² and the range of hotel rooms is growing every year. It is best to fly to New York, but if you have a fear of flying you can take a cruise from the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam or IJmuiden.

New York City Nightlife

New York is a vibrant city where there is always something to do. Around 8 pm there is dinner in one of the many restaurants and afterwards there is a drink in a hotel lobby before the party starts. Guest list places are often required for parties as well as for clubs, in addition to the paid entrance. It is advisable to ensure that you are in possession of entrance tickets before departure, sometimes it is possible to be added to a guest list through the hotel concierge. Entrance differs, sometimes it is mandatory to take a table for $400, sometimes it is possible to enter with a small group for $100. Don’t want to go to parties and the hotel lobbies are getting boring? Then you can always visit a cinema or comedy club. Or a dinner show on Broadway? Be surprised with good food and musical or theater.

Food & Drink in New York City

New York has several cuisines. Typical American burgers, Mexican, Italian especially in NoLiTa, many trendy restaurants in the Meatpacking district and also the French cuisine is doing well. Although the dollar exchange rate is favorable at the moment, it is good to know that a tip of at least 15%, regardless of the quality of the service, is mandatory. Often the tip is already included in the total amount and if you are going to eat with groups of 6 people, a tip of 20% is normal.

For cheap and fresh food, head to Chinatown, where the many Chinese, Vietnamese and other Asian restaurants serve the best dishes. Especially in the lobster and crab season it is a feast here.

For the lover of sweets, there is also a lot of choice in New York City. There are many small places where you can enjoy cupcakes, cakes and of course the well-known American donut. For many Americans, a donut is even part of breakfast.

Art & Culture in New York City

In addition to the many museums and galleries in New York City, there is also much to admire on the streets. New York City is known for its tall skyscrapers and imposing buildings. In the city there are no fewer than 50 skyscrapers that are higher than 200 meters. New York City is the only city in America with so many tall skyscrapers. One of the most striking buildings in the city is Woolworth Building due to its neo-Gothic style elements.


New York City is bursting with museums. The world-famous The Museum of Modern Art or MoMa is always crowded, as is the American Museum of Natural History. In addition to museums, New York also has many small galleries, especially in the Chelsea and SoHo neighborhoods. Various artists and art styles are displayed there. Are you planning to visit many museums? Then the New York City Pass is a must! For $79 you get free entry to the MoMa, Natural History museum and the museum on Staten Island. You also get access to the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock in Rockefeller Center and a boat trip to, for example, Ellis Island. So quickly paid back!

The Museum of the City of New York

The Museum of the City of New York educates the public about New York City’s distinctive character, especially the heritage of diversity. It is dedicated to the past, present and future of urban life in the Big Apple, and how NYC became one of the most influential metropolises in the world. It occupies an elegant neo-Georgian style building north of the Museum Mile on Fifth Avenue, just south of East Harlem on Central Park.


New York City has a rich music history. Many companies and organizations within the music industry have their headquarters in New York City. There is also a lot happening in the field of music on the streets, there are countless street artists in New York City.

Sports & Leisure in New York

Manhattan is a mecca for sports enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts. Two baseball teams, Mets and Yankees, two American football teams, Giants and Jets, Knicks basketball, Rangers ice hockey, plenty of choice to sit in a sports stand and cheer on your favorite team. In addition, annual major events such as the US Open tennis and the New York Marathon take place; good for tens of thousands of participants & spectators.

Central Park

Exercising yourself in Manhattan is also recommended. Join the many runners in Central Park, or do as the New Yorkers do and hit one of the baseball fields on the weekend. From October you can skate in New York City. The most famous places are Central Park and Rockefeller Center, but there are more skating rinks in the city.

In addition to sports activities, Central Park is ideal for a relaxing moment to read a book or a cozy picnic. More than 25 million people visit the park every year and it is the most visited park in America. Central Park can also be seen in many movies and TV series that are shot in New York.

New York City