With the arrival of autumn and winter, many of us hide our legs under pants, that trend must change. There is that wear leg and for that are stockings. An essential complement and not only useful cold but also to play and complement many looks. The variety of stockings There currently is amazing, there are plenty to choose from. Don’t miss the trends in average for the season autumn and winter 2011/12.

The stockings smooth they are the most that can be used with all the looks. There are many colors and different thicknesses. In winter on opaque and thick legs. Purple are TopShop, the trend color block also for stockings.

Opaque stockings of color came. An ideal color for the winter. Of TopShop.

Another type of socks that are always well received and updated each season are the puffs and with grid. There are many to choose from and are fantastic to finish off a dull look. The photo are TopShop with a fun hearts draught.

Snood in red with a beautiful drawing of aires vintage of TopShop.

Black Lace of TopShop. Very first.

With lace in white tone broken to give sixties flair of ASOs.

The means of fantasy or for Parties not only are the typical average semi transparent. Now manufacturers are betting on details such as brightness, innovative textures and details as ties o Star.
The following are of Swiss dot with Golden appliqué of TopShop.

With stars, fashion, of TopShop.

Half transparent semi with small beads bright by TopShop.

Detail of loop in the back of the leg, Topshop.

Socks with detail of a heart in TopShop knee.

For the more daring half of different prints to give prominence to your legs.

With Leopard-print of ASOs.

With pictures Scottish ASOs.

And finally the moment fashion stockings, the garter belt…very sexy.

No Te Quedes without Stockings!: Trends for Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012