Novi Sad

By | May 13, 2021

The beautiful and glorious country of Serbia, with Belgrade as its capital and Nis in the south as a very popular tourist destination, will of course also offer destinations in the northern part of the country. In that case, it is the city of Novi Sad that stands out. If you are about to take a trip to Serbia, it will always be recommended that you land in Belgrade, stay a few nights and then take you on to Novi Sad. This is simply the city you must not miss when visiting Serbia.

Here we are talking about a city with a land area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 700 square kilometers and a population of just under 300,000 inhabitants. What does this mean then? Well, that means you as a tourist in Novi Sad, Serbia, will be in Serbia’s Gothenburg. Yes, you will not be close to the sea, but you are in the country’s second largest city. This means that you will always find something to do, a good nightlife and that you are actually close to water in the form of the Danube river flowing in this city.

Find accommodation in Novi Sad

When it comes to finding a good hotel or accommodation in one of the city’s many guest houses, this in Novi Sad will be just as easy as in the capital Belgrade. However, it can be too much and too difficult to find the best accommodation at the best price on site. In that case, it is always better to review what is available online and book your accommodation even before departure. In Novi Sad you can stay relatively well from only between 300-500 kronor per night.

This is a must see in Novi Sad

This is about the type of traveler you are. If you are the one who sleeps all day just to see the dark part of the day, you will unfortunately also miss a lot of the cities you go to. Now most people will want to see something, and then here are three examples of what most others who visit Novi Sad make sure to see before they go home again.

  • Petrovaradin Fort: Just like in most other major cities connected to the Sava and Danube rivers in Serbia, Novi Sad will also have a fort. Perhaps this is the most beautiful fort in all of Serbia. When you look out over the river Danube, you will be able to see the mighty building towered up on a high mountain top illuminated by a fantastic spectacle in light.
  • Danube Park: A very large, beautiful and well-kept park where you will find unique nature with a combination of aquatic plants and rocks in small and medium dimensions.
  • Beach: Yes, you will actually find a beach in Novi Sad. Of course, this is not about the sea, but here you swim in the river Danube. In any case, during a hot summer day, this will be something you do not want to be without.

Novi Sad