Based on ideas shared by more than 150 million monthly users, Pinterest recently launched Pinterest 100, a list of the 100 greatest trends for this year. The social network has analysed data from 2016 to identify the main bets to 2017 in 10 different categories–among them, fashion, of course.

Nothing really new if outlined in regard to style, since compilation was made from the perspective of the most different users and not only trendsetters, but between the stakes, one of them crush on our heart: the nude.

The color is one of our darlings and we really believe that will rock this year, therefore, is our topic today, choosing a piece real easy to adopt the nude: a pair of pants. Come with us!

Nude pants + white t-shirt + jacket unstructured in soft monotone + colorful Pocket + mule low

A perfect visual to the everyday professional this summer, very fresh and charming, uniting subtle trends, as the unstructured blazer and the mule. The nude looks great with other aquarelados, erased, soft tones. You can bet. Oh! A contrasting color jackets, as here, the bag ensures a bossa extra.

Pants nude + top and overlapping t-shirt + bomber + colorful pumps + structured bag

Here 1st appeal is far more striking trends with fashionista in a set that brings a touch of good humor and a lot of chutzpah. Notice the top/shirt, one of the bets, which prints femininity, contrasting with the visual sports jacket bomber, another essential part of the summer. This play on opposites is one of the delights of fashion today, did you?! Oh! Colorful shoes and a classic case increase even more this bet perfect for women who are not afraid to innovate.

Get nude + velvet + blazer bodie paet + fun + shoe bag

Here’s the proof that the same pants nude can go from work to a festive meeting with equal elegance: merge it with very luxurious elements. We bet on chiqueza of velvet, woven in evidence during the season, and to ensure the necessary glamour paet a moment more special, you get a hint of simplicity thanks to bag fun and slip-ons, which could be exchanged for a high heels without problems, see?! But then it wouldn’t be so contemporary, right right?! Note: terrestrial ferns are very cool when used in compositions of refinement.

Nude: How To Dress One of The Colors More Social Network Babes Pinterest
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