Oprah Winfrey’s Shoes are Magical

Almost 20 years ago, Jani Jacques bought a pair of slippers worn by the hostess in a joint sale. At the time, he could hardly imagine the importance and the preponderant role that a mere pair of shoes would play in his life.

Although fairy tales do not exist, this story has all the ingredients necessary for its realization.At the beginning of the 90s, Jani Jacques, an American like many others, was going through one of the most complicated periods of her life.Unemployed and going through a very complicated period on a personal level, by the irony of fate knew that famous host Oprah Winfrey would make a sale of solidarity.

Although he did not have much money, he tried his luck and bought the cheapest item he found: a pair of bedroom slippers.Although they did not suit her, Jani kept them for years as one of her most precious possessions.It’s a case to ask, “What’s so magical and special about this pair of shoes?”

After writing to the presenter about the role that slippers played in her life, the story was made public in 1997 to a great success among the public.At the time Jani’s response made everyone excited.When I was depressed and there was no one to talk to, Jani would put on her shoes and imagine it was Oprah Winfrey.The fact of putting herself in the skin of the presenter made her feel better and comforted.

After 20 years, the story seems not to have been forgotten.In the “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” Program, which recaptures some of the most remarkable guests and stories that made up the talk show led by Oprah Winfrey for 25 years, Oprah’s team again interviewed Jani, who remembered the moment with emotion according to ShoesEspecially.com.

“One night I was in bed praying and I heard a voice.And people may believe it or not, but the voice said to me “Put your shoes on.”I’ll remember this until I die.I got up and put them on.And the weight of the world disappeared.My life changed drastically that day and gave me the confidence to do what I wanted, “he said.

From then on his dreams came true: he returned to study and wrote a book.”I graduated from Indiana University in 2009. When I left, I continued to work with children with special needs because I have always enjoyed it.”

The shoes are kept in a prominent place:his office.”I get up every day and the fact that I see them every morning gives me the inspiration I need to continue.They make me feel very confident and proud of myself, “he said.

It’s a case to say that, just like Dorothy’s character in the movie “Wizard of Oz,” magic shoes are capable of taking us anywhere, we just have to believe.