Pattern Varied Skjortgarderob

Our site often recommend a consistent shopping style, which rarely is so true that the purchase of businesskjortor. A garment that is as untied the season by prevailing trends businesskjortan. But there are undoubtedly times when you want to vary among the solid colors and blue / white-striped classics.

It requires seldom big changes to create a varied attire. On the contrary, when it comes to businesskjortor it is important to make sure the small details in the fabric. The light blue and white is always a good starting point that gives a fresh and well-groomed appearance. Simple means that a weak box or stripe in the well-balanced color is usually enough to create a new expression. Below are some examples.

Combining a white and light blue with a brown diamond pattern gives the shirt a warmer feel. Perfect in the pale autumn season. From Canali (Mr. Porter).

Napoli tailors Isaia account for some of this autumn’s maybe looking businesskjortor. A blue and white base creates along with hints of green, burgundy, gray and brown very portable shirts without for that matter feel indifferent. Isaia (Park & Bond).

Anyone who has ever walked the streets of Milan have certainly noticed how the Italian businessman often wear a darker blue shirt to his navy or gray suit. Here, in a discreet checks with designs from Ermenegildo Zegna.

Although shirts with contrasting inner lining and colorful buttons is still a persistent plague seems many of the Swedish skjortmärkena now move towards a sober style ideals without embellishments. This classic dress shirts from Stenströms.

A little more daring stripe from above Isaia. Worn with the advantage of a solid-colored cashmere tie or knitted ditto for not taking everything too much focus from the face.