Pearls: Eternal Tendency

From the depths of the blue sea through the crowns of monarchs and necklaces of our grandmothers to our cabinets, this gem is an eternal classic, a symbol of elegance and beauty throughout the seasons and times.

The pearls are an indispensable accessory for every woman, able to give a fashionista touch to any outfit that decides to use, either for the comfortable day to day or for a formal dinner Why not learn more of the history of this eternal companion who it never gets old-fashioned?

These bright spheres grow inside an oyster when a small foreign body enters the mollusk, either naturally or introduced by a human, this particle is being covered slowly by nacre for years to create this precious gem.

Since prehistory, mankind has used pearls in decoration and jewelry, but it was inAsia, especially in South India and the Persian Gulf, where this industry thrived more, with pearl hunters risking to dive deep into the ocean To find them and to reach the hands of kings and sultans of the ancient world.

Gem of queens

The European nobility of the past and present, has been particularly fascinated with these pearly spheres, being a symbol of distinction and beauty. An example is the crown of the Empress Eugenie of France, who was commissioned by her husband Napoleon III as a marriage gift in 1853 and is made of over 200 natural pearls and almost 2000 diamonds.

Another fanatical monarch of these pearly stones is the celebrated Queen Elizabeth II whose favorite piece of jewelry are a pair of great pearl earrings, gift from her grandmother Queen Mary. On the other hand, it has among its personal jewels several necklaces of pearls that does not miss the opportunity to look, one of the most beloved is a set of two rows that belonged to Queen Anne and Queen Caroline, these are the object of an anecdote Of the wedding day of the then Princess Elizabeth, who asked her secretary at the last minute to look for the pearls in Buckingham Palace, which were her father’s wedding gift, causing the faithful man to use the limousine of the King of Norway, to walk a stretch to the palace due to the heavy traffic since London was totally stopped and like last obstacle, to discuss and to give explanations to the guards who guarded the 2000 wedding gifts of the princess. What you do for jewels like these, right?

Of course, one can not speak of legendary European pieces without mentioning the most famous pearl in history: La Peregrina . This gem in unusual and perfect pear shape has more than 400 years of history, starting when it was found in Panama in 1515, then being moved to Spain where King Philip II would love his wife Maria Tudor with her. From there the famous jewel would be inherited by Spanish queens, stolen as spoils of war by invading kings, starring numerous royal portraits and being sold for exorbitant sums of money until arriving at the most glamorous place of the mid-twentieth century: Hollywood.

Hollywood Star

I wonder what screams more”Glamor Hollywood” than a glass of champagne, red lips and a set of pearls? As I tell you, in 1969 Richard Burton bought La Peregrina for $ 37,000 as a gift for his beloved Elizabeth Taylor , fashion icon and well-known jewelry lover, she would mount the historic piece on a necklace of rubies and diamonds from Cartier that later She would star in films like Anne of the Thousand Days (1969) and A Little Night Music (1977). On one occasion the Peregrina was almost definitively lost to the actress’s poodle during her stay at Caesars Palace (or should I say?), Luckily she was able to remove it carefully from her mouth before she swallowed it .

Another pearl necklace that was the center of a brief love story was the one belonging to Marilyn Monroe , a gift of baseball player Joe DiMaggio during his honeymoon in Japan in 1954, the 16-inch necklace of 44 akoya pearls from the famous Mikimoto brand Would become one of the favorite and most sentimental pieces of the star, being used frequently even on the day he combined with a black suit and long white gloves to appear before the court in order to divorce the player of the Yankees. Here are the details about akoya pearls:

On the other hand, among the legendary actresses who would popularize this gem is the beloved Audrey Hepburn, woman whose best friend was not a diamond but pearls. We all know the look of Breakfast with Diamonds: a refined black minidress that accentuates the bright pearly garlands falling down the back of the actress, being elegant, sober, mysterious and sensual A classic of fashion!.

Curiously, the designer who first devised this combination was not Givenchy, but the groundbreaking Coco Chanel in the early 20th century, who would match his simple monochromatic designs with piles of pearl necklaces and matching earrings, so jewelry would take a leading role in set. In her own words “A woman needs strips and strips of pearls. Jewelry is not made to give women an aura of wealth, but to make them more beautiful.”

Immortal Style

Jackie Kennedy once said “Pearls are always appropriate,” this iconic first lady wore her pearls as armor, combining them with her pillbox hat, her gloves and coats of vibrant colors and patterns, a look that conveyed comfort, majesty and determination. This statement of style is still true at this time of the XXI century, anyprofessional look can be accompanied by a pearl choker to give it a classic and feminine touch, without losing the simplicity and naturalness necessary to develop with confidence in your work and life environment personal.

Other first American ladies have followed this trend of class and femininity, accompanied by a stance of strength and sobriety such as Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton and the admirable Michelle Obama, who in 2016 during the Democratic National Convention presented with a minimalist earrings with pearls Floats of Mizuki Goltz that perfectly complemented her blue Christian Siriano dress and gave her that energetic and respectable aura that we love so much from her.

Classical and Reinventing

Likewise, there are celebrities who love their pearls, ranging from Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson , classic celebrities accompanying their vintage red-lips look with stylized chokers, to Rihanna and Katy Perry, who love rocking several pearly necklaces Type opera, with its risqué and modern looks. There is also Emma Watson, a girl who adores her white earrings, being responsible for the boom of the double-pearl front-back earrings, from the moment she appeared in the 71st Golden Globe Awards with these “tribal” Dior earrings were A trend, later garnered by Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks and Kristina Bazan, to name a few.

And if we talk about peak moments for the pearls in the circles of fame, you can not avoid mentioning the always chic Lupita Nyong’o with her Calvin Klein dress meticulously made with over 6000 hand-sewn pearls, combining it with diamond jewelry Of Chopard and heels with inlaid pearls of Nicholas Kirkwood. In an interview Lupita explained that he had worked with the designer to achieve the fluid and avant-garde style of the piece, in his own words “I wanted it to be a tribute to the ocean”, thus achieving the sensation of the night of the 87th delivery of the Oscars and all a milestone of the current fashion.

In addition, this beginning of 2017 also brings you the red carpet looks like the Golden Globes, among them is that of the designer and actress Sienna Miller, who paired a minimalist white dress with daring cuts of Michael Kors with a sophisticated Necklace set and pearl bracelets, obtaining a chic and contemporary look.

Another celebrity who chose to add these splendid gems was singer Janelle Monae, although not in the traditional way of necklaces and tendrils, but incorporating them into her elaborate hairstyle where they shone like stars and gave the finishing touch to her creative Armani look.

In short, the pearl deserves its nickname “queen of gems, gem of queens”, its long journey through the history of fashion has marked it as a symbol of delicacy, elegance, femininity, sensuality and romanticism. So what do you expect to add a dose of pearls to your closet of 2017? Just be inspired to experience new shapes and combinations with your rows of pearls, incorporate more and more these gems to your jeweler, whether they are opera style necklaces, chokers, earrings or hairpins Do not be afraid and feel like a real queen!