Pennsylvania Tourist Attractions

By | January 3, 2023

Special churches, temples and monasteries

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Greensburg
The Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in the city of Greensburg was consecrated in 1928. The cathedral is built in the vertical style of late English Gothic. It consists exclusively of limestone and sandstone. It was raised to the status of cathedral in 1951.

Contact 300 North Main Street
Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601

Cathedral of Saint Paul in Pittsburgh
The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Paul in the city of Pittsburgh was consecrated in 1906. The cathedral is built in the Gothic style. The two towers of the cathedral have a height of approx. 75 m. In the gable triangle of the cathedral there is a statue of Paul.

Contact 108 North Dithridge Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213

Vraj Hindu Temple in Schuylkill County

The Vraj Hindu Temple in eastern Pennsylvania was founded in 1988 by members of Harvard University. The temple is said to serve the spread of Hinduism in the United States. Especially young Hindus who live in the USA and should deal with their religion should benefit from this temple. The temple covers an area of ​​approximately 1.2 km² and attracts up to 100,000 pilgrims annually.

Contact 15 Manor Road
Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania 17972

Christ Church in Philadelphia
The Christ Church in the city of Philadelphia was built from 1727 to 1744. The church as the most luxurious in the 12 colonies. The church tower was only completed in 1754 and at that time was the tallest building in North America with a height of approx. 60 m. The style of the church is based on Georgian architecture.

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Contact 20 North American Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

Big celebrations and events

Philadelphia Folk Festival
The Philadelphia Folk Festival has been held annually since late August 1962. The festival lasts three days and presents artists from the genres World, Celtic, Singer / Songwriter, Folk Rock, Country and Klezmer. Today up to 12,000 people visit the festival.

Ephrata Fair
The street festival Ephrata Fair in the city of Ephrata has been held annually since 1918. The Ephrata Fair always takes place towards the end of September. At this largest street festival in the state of Pennsylvania, visitors can find almost anything. From agricultural exhibitions to music and beauty contests to parades.


Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts
The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts has been held annually in the city of State College since 1967 at the beginning of July. The festival lasts 5 days and is hosted by Pennsylvania State University. Here visitors can look over the shoulder of artists at work. There are 7 stages, both outside and inside. There is also music from the genres of rock, jazz and bluegrass.


Zoos, parks and amusement parks

Philadelphia Zoo
The Philadelphia Zoo was scheduled to open in 1859, but was delayed until 1874 due to the civil war, making the Philadelphia Zoo the oldest zoo in the United States. Today, the zoo covers an area of ​​approximately 170,000 m² with over 1,500 animals. The zoo is one of the best in the world when it comes to raising animals rejected by the mother. The zoo’s main attractions are lemurs, tree kangaroos, giant tortoises, cougars, tigers, lions, snow leopards, rhinos, giraffes, anteaters and many more.

Contact 3400 W Girard Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium have existed since 1898 and now cover approximately 310,000 m². The zoo is home to over 4,000 animals from approximately 475 species. The zoo’s main attractions are certainly the tigers, leopards, gorillas, polar bears, elephants and sharks. The zoo is also very active in raising endangered species. The zoo participates in 64 programs to protect endangered species.

Contact 7340 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206

National Aviary in Pittsburgh
The National Aviary in the city of Pittsburgh was founded in 1952. Over 600 birds from around 200 different species live here. The National Aviary is the largest aviary in the United States and its specialization also allows you to find birds that you would otherwise find in the large United States zoos for free. In the National Aviary there is also a theater which is used exclusively for performances with birds. This is also unique in the United States.

Contact 700 Arch Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212

Dutch Wonderland
The Dutch Wonderland amusement park near the city of Lancaster was opened in 1963 and now covers an area of ​​190,000 m². Visitors will find a total of 34 rides in the park, 2 of which are roller coasters. The Kingdom Coaser is a wooden roller coaster and the Joust is a modern steel construction roller coaster. The entrance to the park is another special feature. It is a brick passage with a castle look.

Contact 2249 Lincoln Highway East
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602

Splash Lagoon
The Splash Lagoon water park in the city of Erie is one of the largest indoor water parks and was opened in 2003. The water park covers an area of ​​approximately 7,400 m². Visitors will find 7 water slides in different sizes and several warm pools. There is also an area for laser tag in the water park.

Contact 8091 Peach Street
Erier, Pennsylvania 16509

Hershey Park
The Hershey Park in the city of Hershey was opened in 1907 and was designed to help the workers of the Hershey chocolate factory relax. Today the park covers an area of ​​approximately 0.5 km². The park has 62 rides, 11 of which are roller coasters and 3 water rides.

Contact 100 W. Hersheypark Drive
Hershey, Pennsylvania 17033

National parks

There are no national parks in the state of Pennsylvania. There are a total of 117 state parks in Pennsylvania. Because of this plethora of state parks, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, which manages the state parks, has published a list of the 20 state parks that you should definitely visit. These are:

Black Moshannon
Cherry Springs
Delaware Canal
Hickory Run
Leonard Harrison and
Colton Point (Grand Canyon)
Presque Isle
Raccoon Creek
Trough Creek
Canoe Creek
Cook Forest
Greenwood Furnace
Hyner View
Kinzua Bridge
McConnells Mill
Oil Creek
Ricketts Glen
Worlds End

Hiking trails

Appalachian National Scenic Trail
The Appalachian Trail (officially: Appalachian National Scenic Trail) has a total length of approx. 3,500 km and is therefore one of the longest long-distance hiking trails in the world.
The Appalachian Trail runs north to south through the 14 U.S. states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia. The Appalachian Trail begins in the state of Georgia on the summit of Springer Mountain (1,152 m) and ends on the summit of Mount Katahdin (1,606 m), the highest mountain in the state of Maine.
The Appalachian Trail is managed by the National Park Service of the USA.
The Appalachian Trail, as its name suggests, leads through the Appalachian Mountains, a low mountain range in the east of North America. The trail is classified as a historical hiking trail and leads through many nature reserves, including 6 national parks and 8 national forests.
The trail originated in the 1920s. It was founded around people
To offer a change to the working life of the industrialization period The Appalachian Trail was officially opened on August 14, 1937, but at the time it was not very well received by the media. Much media attention was paid to the Appalachian Trail in 1948 when Earl Shaffer ran the entire trail in one season, becoming the first Thru-Hiker. The course of the Appalchian Trail is partly based on other historical routes.
There are over 250 huts and campsites along the trail. Since the trail runs through several cities, it is quite possible to refresh your provisions on the way. Who also plans to run the entire trail in one go (thru-hike) should plan around 5 to 6 months and start in March or April.
If you tackle the Appalachian Trail, you may get to know black bears, white-tailed deer, wapitis or elk on the hike. You should also watch out for snakes, as there are species such as the copper head or the northern rattlesnake on the trail. There are also ticks, mosquitoes (mosquitoes) and black mosquitoes, which can also be a nuisance.
The Appalachian Trail was mentioned in literature in Bill Bryson’s work “A walk in the woods”. Every year 3 to 4 million people run at least a small part of the Appalachian Trail.
Pennsylvania runs 369 km of the trail.


North Country Trail
The North Country Trail is a long distance hiking trail approximately 7,400 km in the northern part of the United States. This makes the North Country Trail the longest of the 11 National Scenic Trails in the United States. The North Country Trail was inaugurated in 1980 and to date around 3,400 have been certified as a paved and managed hiking trail. The North Country Trail runs from the small town of Crown Point in northeastern New York to Lake Sakakawea State Park in central North Dakota. On this course, the North Country Trail passes a total of 7 states.
From east to west, these are: New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota andNorth Dakota.
When the trail begins in northeastern New York, it initially runs westward, then crosses northwest Pennsylvania. In Ohio, he joins the Buckeye Trail and makes a circular motion that swings him north-west in Ohio. In Michigan, the trail also runs from south to north until after crossing the “Straits of Mackinac” (Mackinac Strait, connects Michigan and Lake Huron) it turns west again, along the southern coast of Lake Superior (Upper Lake) respectively. After crossing Northern Wisconsin, the North Country Trail divides into two sections.
One runs north along the coast of Lake Superior and represents a huge “detour”. The other part basically continues west and both reunite northeast of Minnesota. Finally, the trail runs through North Dakota where it ends in the central part of the state.
On this trip, 10 National Forests (Finger Lakes, Allegheny, Wayne, Manistee, Hiawatha, Ottawa, Chequamegon, Superior, Chippewa and Sheyenne National Grassland) are hiked. Other highlights include the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Wisconsin’s St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, New York’s Fort Stanwix National Monument and Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, Tamarac Wildlife Refugee, Audubon Wildlife Refugee.
In total, the North Country Trail runs through 57 state parks and 47 state forests. So the trail should offer something for everyone who has enough time. A connection between North Country Trail and Appalachian Trail in Vermont is currently underway.


Other natural beauties

Grand Canyon at Wellsboro
The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon is actually called Pine Creek Gorge and extends over an area of ​​approximately 650 km² in the Tioga State Forest in the north of the state. The beginning of the canyon is at the town of Welssboro and runs from there for about 75 km to the south. Towards its southern end, the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania reaches its maximum depth of approximately 442 m. At this point it has a width of approx. 1.2 km at its upper edges. There are several state parks and hiking trails on the edge of the canyon. The approx. 105 km long Pine Creel Trail runs through the canyon and at the upper edge of the canyon, for example, the 49 km long West Rim Trail.

Grand Canyon at Wellsboro