Will the rigor and lightness of Japan, the country of origin of the designer, dressed in Tuscan sauce, that is, the region of which they are original and I… do not know where she resides. I know that to me the jewels Yoko Shimizu like to go crazy. Read: Someone stop me or I make a killing (the euro on bank cc)!

It is a simple and harmonic style to this fantastic jewelry designers experimenting with shapes and materials, building her jewelry a piece at a time, stopping to see what effect they have on the body. Sometimes the imperfection is needed, other times must be removed, but remains something unexpected, a sort of hot voltage.

His two collections are very different. The first, “Arno at night”, is inspired by the stillness of the night in Florence, where it is easy to be enchanted watching the river go silent in the riversides. A black mass moving slowly, never equal to itself, yet always constant, in which are reflected the city lights: hazy golden gleams, wavy. As a dancer light as the brush touches the jewel with a time and energy more different, which makes each piece unique.

“Transformation” is instead a series made in colored resin, as part of a study of shapes, materials and colors. Thus, pieces of wood are processed into resin and the surface of the wood transferred on that of the resin. From wood to resin, the natural to the artificial, from opaque to transparent…. This transformation continues with the movement of the wearer of the jewel and the reflection of light, where constantly something is lost and something gained.

Ah. I go crazy. And you do that effect?

Perfectly Imperfect Jewelry Yoko Shimizu